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Conquering Your Fear of Failure and Finding Success


Threat of Fear


By our very nature we are programmed as human beings to avoid threat and approach pleasure. Emotions are triggered in the brain by thoughts, which are often unconscious. When confronted by a potential threat this can trigger fear, anger or the flight or fight response and the reaction is disproportionate to the “threat”. The so called “threat” of failure often stops us from thinking rationally and our thinking power is diminished.

We lead such frantic lives these days and often multi-task losing awareness of the present moment as we juggle work, home and finances etc. The mind can be easily distracted making us examine past events and trying to anticipate the future. Often the mind will only show us the past where there were perceived threats or where things went wrong. This then reaffirms the threat and we back away fearing failure. Becoming aware of thoughts, feelings and sensations allows judgement to be suspended and stops self-criticism which has positive impact leading to success.



Failure is a learning experience


When the Navaho Indians weave their beautiful rugs and blankets they always leave a knot, this imperfection is to show the gods that the weavers are not trying to be gods themselves. Perfection is almost never needed (unless you're a brain surgeon!) and a mistake is simply an opportunity to do it differently next time, failure is actually a learning experience. It is also worthwhile to recognise that it can also be the fear of success that stops us, because with success comes responsibility. My understanding is that Spirit never gives us more than we can handle.


Benefits of practicing the mindfulness


The practice of mindfulness helps to recognise and observe thought patterns. Practitioners develop the ability to recognise when thoughts arise, and observe them in a detached manner, without the need to become involved in them, preventing an emotional or "automatic" reaction. Mindfulness will not eliminate life's pressures, but it can help us respond to them in a calmer manner that allows you to move towards success. It helps us recognise and step away from habits and unconscious emotional and physiological reactions to everyday events, moving us away from fear into the realm of success and rewards.


A Tarot reading can highlight future opportunities allowing you to make sure that you don't miss the chance for success due to the fear of failure. A psychic reading can help identify any potential pitfalls or obstacles that need to be overcome for success to happen.

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