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Calling All Angels! – Invent your Angelic life Path


Everyday life can be grinding and predictable. It can be too grounding and boring. Well, we don’t have to put up with living in the mundane world anymore. Wouldn’t it be great if we could angelically sort ourselves out to live life rather than dragging our heels into a yawn worthy tomorrow. Angels can only help us if we ask them, they cannot intervene in our lives unless we request their assistance.


Stage One

All you need to create an Angelic Life Path is you, some alone time and pen and paper.  

  • Talk to your guardian angels to identify your big dreams. Ask them to surround you with the pure white light of love, bathe in the purity of their presence. Breathe in angelic love, breathe out insecurity and know that you are loved. When you are ready start writing down all the things you would love to happen.
  • You may want to find the perfect career, become more connected with Spirit and the Angels, find the perfect long term soul-mate, be free from financial problems.  The possibilities are endless, allow yourself to dream.


Stage Two

For the second stage allow at least twenty to thirty minutes and make sure that you are not disturbed.

  • Make sure you are familiar with your wish list.  Get relaxed and comfortable, meditation for a few minutes will get you in the right frame of mind.

  • Ground and protect yourself, then close your eyes and ask Archangel Michael to take your hand as you visualize a shining golden path in front of you.

  • Step onto the path and feel, see and hear what it would be like to have one of your dreams come true. When you feel happy, carry on to your next dream.

  • Ask Michael to give you the courage to contribute to making your wishes come through.


For example, you may want to become a Medium or clairvoyant , look out for courses and circles. You will notice that once you step on the golden path life becomes so much easier and happen synchronistically.


Whilst on your golden path ask Archangel Raphael to heal the past and present so that you are not making the same mistakes. Visualise him clearing your brain of any negative repetitive actions that hold back progression.

Finally, ask Archangel Gabriel to help communicate your wishes to all those that can help on the earth plane. Thank the Archangels for helping you.


Have fun choosing your life path, remember nothing is written in stone you can make it happen.


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