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6 Habits to Start Your Day Off Right

With Spring almost here we all feel the call to wake up, shake out and make the best of ourselves.  How you begin your day is very important so adopt these six morning habits and take a leap forwards in your life.

Find out about:
•    The energised water tonic
•    Staying unplugged
•    Making your bed
•    Meditating
•    Getting moving
•    Focusing your day





We all get dehydrated in the night.  Chances are you wake up dying for your morning cup of tea of coffee, but water will do you much more good.  Hold a pint of water in a clear glass that you really like the look and feel of.  This glass should preferably not be used by anyone else.  You can add a drop of edible peppermint oil or a slice of lemon if you wish.  Gaze into your water and imagine that it is sparkling full of energy, that it is a magic elixir, containing all the inspiration you need for the day.  Then drink your water and affirm that the positive vibes are filling your mind and body.  After this you can have your favourite cuppa.  It may take a couple of weeks for this habit to establish itself, but once it has you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.




Whatever you do, do not turn on your phone, pad or lap-top until you have been awake for at least half an hour.  If you want to stay positive and proactive, avoid getting into the ‘reactive’ state, where you’re responding to messages, before you’ve established a positive attitude and got into your stride.




Feng Shui experts say that making your bed is very important.  It alters the subtle ambience in your bedroom, saying to your subconscious ‘Sleep is over.’  It gives you a sense of neatness and achievement, convincing you that you can take on much more.  It doesn’t take a minute to make your bed but it will make you feel good.




It’s worth putting the alarm on ten minutes early so you have time to meditate.  If you aren’t used to meditating try this simple formula to get started.

  • Sit comfortably and set a timer for five or ten minutes
  • Gently close your eyes and become conscious of your breath.  Don’t try to control or alter it at first – just be aware of it
  • Now try inhaling for a count of four, holding for a count of four and exhaling for a count of eight.  Let this rhythm evolve at a pace that suits you – don’t over-breathe or force the issue
  • Keep bringing your mind back to the present.  It is sure to wander because that’s what minds do – just keep bringing it back
  • When your timer goes off, stay quietly and visualise a positive outcome to your day and/or the successful completion of a task
  • Affirm that you are calm and centred.  Open your eyes, stretch and resume your day



Whether you walk the dog, do yoga or a morning routine with weights, your day should start with some physical activity.  This will stop your mind going into overdrive but will get your blood flowing and your metabolism boosted.  As long as you’re prepared you can vary what you do, so you don’t get bored.  Running up and down stairs a few times, for instance, would be a good idea, and does not take long.




Now you are ready really to commence your day, make sure you do it on the right note.

Take up a special notebook that you have set aside for the purpose.  Note down three things for which you feel grateful.  These could be anything, from the fact you’ve just had a good night’s sleep to a loving relationship, or the fact you’ve got some new shoes to wear!  Really fill yourself with gratitude for these gifts and experience the glow.

Now list three things you are going to do today.  This could be one easy task, one medium one and one that is more challenging.  Or they could all be easy, if you’re feeling a bit under the weather, or all demanding if you feel up to it.  See yourself completing these tasks and affirm that your day will take positive shape.  Soon you will find you go from strength to strength, achievement to achievement and really feel you are getting somewhere in life.




We’ve listed six pointers to start your day positively. These include taking the energised water tonic, staying unplugged, making your bed, meditating, starting moving and being focused.  If you put these into practice your life should greatly improve.

But things aren’t always that simple and for one reason or another you may find yourself struggling.  Don’t worry – our understanding readers are always on hand so put in a call today and get the encouragement and advice you need to set you on your way.


PUBLISHED: 19 March 2018

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