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Five Behaviours That Lead To Success And Joy

We all want to be happy and successful but all too often we defeat ourselves by the wrong attitudes and behaviours. To find joy and reach your dreams, start by shifting your approach and you could amaze yourself.
  • Become aware of your attitudes
  • Meditate
  • Let go of results fixation
  • Stimulate your inner energies
  • Smile and laugh
  • Remember all the good things




Most of us live by reacting to life rather than creating it. When you become aware of your beliefs about success and contentment, you can change this. Remember that your beliefs turn into thoughts, and what you think you often express in words, even if only to yourself. These words then become actions, and, being human, actions tend to become habits. Your habits are probably very important to you and you base your values upon them – and so you create your future.
But fulfilment doesn’t just happen to you, it comes from what you choose, moment by moment, as you go through life. It’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important, of the person you truly want to be, and what happiness really is.
There are many ways you can go about creating a good reality for yourself. One of them is simply to put into practice five behaviours that send the right messages to your brain, enabling you to create a shift in the right direction, at a very deep level.
Are you ready to commit to creating happiness? Then make these changes.


Meditation and mindfulness help you to access that spiritual essence within. Peace, calm and a feeling of being ‘centred’ come when you seek true stillness. When you meditate you can get through to the person you really are, connected to the Cosmos, pure and vibrant. Meditation alters your consciousness so you see things differently, and from a wider perspective, and its effects can be wonderful
Meditation does not have to be demanding, and it certainly should not be uncomfortable. Don’t feel you have to commit to an hour a day because that will be daunting. If you can only spare ten minutes – or even five – that’s better than nothing. You may also meditate while walking or doing other activities, as long as they are peaceful and require no analytical thought.
If you’re not sure about meditating there are plenty of apps to download and CD’s to buy that can help you. Often a guided visualization will be easier to focus on than stillness, especially if you are just starting out. Give meditation a try and see the effects begin to manifest in your life. 


Many of us are almost desperate to get what we want, whether it’s a better job, house, relationship or whatever. You may feel things ‘should’ be a certain way, and feel upset if they aren’t. All too often you may make compromises, behave in ways that aren’t really ‘you’ or get very stressed trying to create a certain result.
Of course there are bound to be things that you want, but what about trusting that the Universe will provide them, and just being yourself? How liberating it will be to say what you feel and let others be what they are, also. If you let go of control, you will be free. Life becomes an adventure, filled with magic and possibility.


It’s easy to become stagnant and tired, and this can lead to a negative mind-set. The energy in your body isn’t just about muscles and metabolism. There is a subtle energy-flow within you that will be affected positively by yoga, chakra-work etc.
Choose to do a regular activity that stimulates your subtle energies. If you really need a kick-start, a therapy like reflexology or Reiki can set you on your way. You may like to work with sound, dance, yogic breathing or simply walking. Feel the energy within you shifting, blockages clearing and power growing.


Sometimes you can take the ‘work ethic’ much too far. It’s counterproductive to be too serious because it stifles your creativity. Certainly it suppresses all joy in life – and if it’s not about being happy, then what’s the point?
Spirituality isn’t a serious matter, either. Mirth with reverence is the ideal. So make sure you smile a lot, so it becomes a habit. People will usually smile back and it becomes infectious. Regularly make sure you have a good laugh, by watching comedy or whatever makes you giggle. This is tremendously therapeutic and lifts not only your mood but your total energy level.


Concentrating on what’s not right may seem like a good way to fix it. How will you achieve what you want to achieve unless you’re aware of what needs doing?
Of course you’ll focus on what needs straightening when you’re hands on, but meanwhile always reflect on what’s right.
Count what you have done, remind yourself of all the ways people have been efficient, kind and helpful, all the things that have fallen into place, the moments you’ve enjoyed, the funny things, the beautiful things, the loving things.
When you find yourself slipping into discontent, be firm about counting the good things. Soon this will become a habit, making you feel happy, and then, by the Law of Attraction, more and more good things will materialize in your life.



Meditating, being relaxed about results, aware of your inner energies, encouraging laughter and focusing on your gifts and achievements will encourage joy and success. If you’re feeling stuck and sad and you need some help to turn your world around, don’t worry. Our tem of wise Readers is waiting to give you hints and tips to set you on track, so put in a call today and begin your journey to happiness.


PUBLISHED: 22 November 2017

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