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Ten Lessons To Learn From Children

Do you remember when days were endless, summer was an eternity, there were things to get really excited about and so much you really loved doing? You hugged, cried and laughed when you felt like it and you slept sweetly and deeply when your head hit the pillow. Why does childhood ever have to end? You can bring it back with our ten tips.
Here we look at the benefits of:
  • Imagination
  • Excitement
  • Keeping occupied
  • Relaxing
  • Letting go of worry
  • Stopping judging
  • Play
  • Love
  • Confidence 
  • Inconsistency




We all know we have to be adult, and function in a demanding and sometimes cruel world. But coping well with life doesn’t mean we have to abandon the gifts of childhood. In fact there are many aspects of life that work much better when we bring in the attitude of a child. So liberate your inner child and make life so much happier.


Never let this grey old world kill your imagination. Think of all the ways imagination could help you in your life, from cooking better meals to making more money, and accept the truth that imagination is vital. When a child tells you about a goal they have or tells you a story, do you say ‘That’s just silly’ or do you let yourself be taken on a wonderful ‘what if?’ journey. Be ready to go on journeys and take off on flights of fancy. Imagination will be re-ignited and will soon be sparking in other areas of your life.


Watch children at Christmas and birthdays, looking forward to holidays and new experiences – even buying a small toy or having a friend round. Isn’t it wonderful to find life so vibrant? Focus on new and enjoyable things in your life, however small, and see if you can feel that thrill in the tummy. That Wow! factor will set you buzzing.


How often do you see a small child staring into space, looking fed up? Only when they’re ill. Otherwise they always find something to interest them, even if it means dismantling the clock or throwing your keys out of the window! Make sure wherever you go you also have something to amuse you – take a book or do puzzles on your phone. This will be handy when waiting for your children at the park!


Often you may wish that your kids would worry more! Then you wouldn’t have to keep on at them to be careful on the roads and not talk to strangers. But kids are often aware of danger – they just don’t dwell on it. If you develop a child’s capacity for fun, you also can release yourself from worry and be more enjoyably occupied.


Again this is something you may wish your kids did less of, especially when you want them to go and shower, tidy their room etc. Instead of getting all steamed up, sit down with them a moment and let the stress leave your body. Enjoy their preoccupation with whatever they’re doing. Maybe you’ll then ask them again in a different tone of voice – or perhaps you’ll decide it doesn’t matter that much after all!



However kind and fair you are, there’s little doubt you’re continually judging people. We all do this, deciding how fat/thin, rich/poor, stupid/educated etc. people are. Probably you judge yourself most of all. Children don’t care and unless someone has taught them, they don’t feel shame or criticise others. Learn to be in the moment, accepting everyone for how they are, and you’ll feel warm inside – like a child.




Doesn’t it look fun when your child is on the swings or trampoline, or making faces, dressing up, swimming, skating…. Forget adult types of ‘playtime’ like theatre or nights out. Do what your kids do and if you’re worried about getting dirty of looking silly then you really need to play!




Children, unless they have been really badly damaged, let their love flow unconditionally and freely. Lose your temper with them and they will not only forgive – they’ll forget, and still give you the biggest hug. They will love their pets with their whole heart and be utterly devoted to favourite relatives, all without self-consciousness or self-questioning. Love holds the cosmos together, and it’s one of the most important lessons they can teach.




Most children have complete confidence in their ability to do whatever they want to do. They aren’t afraid to dream big. Even if they fall short they take it as a learning opportunity, as long as the adults around them take that attitude. Make sure you do ‘take that attitude’, both to their efforts and your own.




Children aren’t bothered about being consistent. One minute they may be a star-ship captain, the next a doctor – and the next climbing a tree just to see if they can. Unless they are told off for hopping from one activity to another, they do this with complete ease. So why do you have to be consistent? What’s the point of it? Give yourself permission to change from minute to minute, so you express yourself in all your aspects.




In this article we have looked at the benefits of imagination, excitement, keeping occupied, relaxing, letting go of worry, stopping judging, play, love, confidence and inconsistency. Practice at least some of these and you could experience a rebirth of your creativity and enthusiasm for life. For more personal advice, however, our Readers are always available to help you bring out the best in yourself. Why hold back? Book a reading, and have something to feel excited about.



PUBLISHED: 09 February 2018

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