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Your Stars for the Month Ahead - November 2014


Make the most of the next four weeks with some cosmic insight and advice.




What sort of an image are you projecting?  You may say you can’t be bothered with that sort of thing, but be sensible.  There’s no getting away from the fact that it’s important to impress the Suits, so give it your best shot.  This month you have a real chance for promotion and success in what matters to you.
AVOID being cold and unkind, however irritated you feel.
FOCUS on your aims.  Set manageable goals and take steady steps forward.


Travel this month, if you can, and if that’s not possible, at least expand your mind.  It isn’t too late to sign up for a class, or absorb yourself in some new interest.  People you meet now can reveal different perspectives on life.  Keep an open mind and something amazing could happen!
AVOID assuming you know it all, because you do not!
FOCUS on adventure.  Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.


Emotional storms could lie ahead and you’ll cope much better if you’re open about your feelings and opinions, rather than pretending to be detached.  Now’s your chance to turn the situation around, but that can only happen if you confront what’s going on.
AVOID psycho-analysing other people
FOCUS on understanding, and making positive change.


Relationships are going to need some work, but any fights you have should be constructive in the end.  Don’t take things personally – you aren’t under attack or being criticized just because there’s a difference of opinion.  Be clear about your needs but also prepared to compromise.
AVOID nagging and ‘having a go.’
FOCUS on building bridges and launching joint ventures.


This will be a hard-working month and you could be frustrated by red-tape.  Take a deep breath and wade through the boring details.  You’ll need lots of patience but the rewards will be worth it.  Don’t let colleagues bug you – lots of people around you have ‘agendas’ but that can only affect you if you let it.
AVOID bearing petty grudges – it’s not like you.
FOCUS on sorting things out, clearing cupboards and making space.


You have creative talent and if you didn’t realize this, it will be revealed this month.  No hiding in the back-room.  Do what you’re good at and enjoy a little applause. A boost for your romantic life is also on its way, so glam up and prepare to party.  If you’re single have a ball, if you’re hitched plan a love-fest.
AVOID looking a gift horse in the mouth.
FOCUS on laughter.  It relaxes your body and frees your mind.


Things at home have been rubbing you up the wrong way and enough is enough.  From DIY jobs to disagreements about chores, harmony has to be restored.  Be sure about what you want to achieve, however, because just venting could make things worse.  Try some psychology – you’re good at it.
AVOID perfectionism.  It’s totally counter-productive.
FOCUS on making your surroundings beautiful.


Lots of comings and goings will keep you busy, busy, busy.  Some news – disturbing or exciting – could get you fired up, but keep your usual caution.  You know that saying ‘Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.’  Concentrate on finding out the facts, and you’ll be able to turn them to your advantage. 
AVOID judging others.
FOCUS on catching up with long-lost friends.


Watch your impulsive streak because it could spell money troubles this month.  Check out guarantees and returns policies before you stretch the plastic.  And remember, people are far more impressed by your wit and wisdom than they could ever be with designer labels, however well you wear them.
AVOID ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’
FOCUS on earning more.  It’ll balance the books and keep you out of shops.


You go!  Your energies are high and your stamina sound.  Plan to catch up with all the stuff you’ve been meaning to do, like, forever.  Take no notice of mutterings such as ‘workaholic’ and ‘control freak.’   Yes, there will be a time to slow down and chill, but not just yet.  Diary it for New Year.
AVOID expecting others to keep up with you.
FOCUS on a healthy routine of sleeping, eating and exercising, for max efficiency.


Note to self ‘Do not point gun at own foot.’  There are some things you’re not happy about and you may not be able to get them out of your mind.  Maybe past experiences are being subconsciously triggered.  Be aware of your own motives and know when to leave well alone.  Being kind will reward you with a fabulous glow.
AVOID dwelling on negatives.
FOCUS on helping charities and worthwhile projects.


Your social life is going up a notch and you may find that you’re asked to take a more active role in a club, institute or maybe just in your own friendship group.  You can do this, and you’ll find it rewarding, but keep it within sensible limits.  What do you want out of it – that’s the important question.
AVOID saying ‘Yes’ without thinking.
FOCUS on organizing outings that you love.

Remember that your star-sign horoscope is a general background.  More detailed and personal information can be found from your birth-chart, so if you want more guidance, call one of our astrologers and talk through your problems.  You can always be sure of a sympathetic response.

PUBLISHED: 24 November 2014

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