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Your Sign's Guide to the Perfect Christmas Present for You


Not sure what you want Santa to bring in his sack?  Your star sign has the answer, so read on.



It may be cold and dark but you still enjoy challenge and keeping active.  Sports clothes or equipment will probably appeal, or a voucher for something like a hot-air balloon ride.  A tool for your hobby/activity – anything from paintbrush to pliers – would be great.  Or hand-warmers and a funky hat!
YOUR PRESENT TO YOU -  An event to look forward to in the New Year.


You love your creature comforts and you’re fairly easy to please.  A snugly hot-water bottle, cashmere scarf, gourmet chocolates or a voucher for a massage would all be ideal.  You’re probably good at gardening, so what about spring bulbs? Or if the weather’s too chill to plant them, flowers in a pot will lift your heart.
YOUR PRESENT TO YOU -  A meal at a top restaurant.


Anything that enables you to keep in touch is great, so the latest phone upgrade, a magazine subscription or club membership should make you smile.  Apps are spot on, too.  You love to be on trend, so try fashion accessories, gloves and bracelets, or a stylish shirt or top.
YOUR PRESENT TO YOU -  A chatty, casual night out with friends.


Moonchildren are sentimental – you love memories and close connections with friends and family.  Photos, photo-frames, an album or lockable journal to record your thoughts could appeal.  Probably you love the sea, so try watersports voucher or equipment.  And you can’t go wrong with quality soap or a nice sweater.
YOUR PRESENT TO YOU A luxurious spa day with your best mate. 


Big kid that you are, you adore games and there are plenty to choose from at Christmas.  You also love drama and shows, so tickets for the theatre would be ideal.  Secretly you wish your presents could be expensive - Cartier diamonds or a Rolex – but you’ll settle for a personalized mug saying ‘You’re The Best.’
YOUR PRESENT TO YOU A big party with all your mates, and someone else to clear up.    



You don’t much like saying what you want and appreciate others picking up hints.  Anything that helps you be neat is spot on, so try desk-sets, organizers, calendar, notebook and a special pen (with your initials engraved).  Personal care items such as manicure sets, shoe-shine kits and bags for toiletries will be appreciated.
YOUR PRESENT TO YOU -  A day off to breathe and get sorted.


Almost anything stylish and eye-catching appeals, but please no tat!  Your taste must be respected.  You love music so an ITunes voucher or CD can’t fail – or a silk scarf, designer cuff-links, make-up kit or monogrammed towels.  Fragrance lifts you, so perfume/aftershave or shower-gel – cliché or not – will give you pleasure.
YOUR PRESENT TO YOU -  Ticket for gig or concert.


You can be hard to buy for as you keep your preferences to yourself.  Quality and durability are key and you’ll appreciate a leather purse, wallet or bag. Mysteries and Whodunits in book or DVD absorb you.  A sexy belt would be great and you love your sweetie to buy you naughty underwear!
YOUR PRESENT TO YOU -  A ghost hunt (with someone to cuddle), even though you’re more likely to scoff than scare.


Head for the joke shop – you love to make people laugh.  Ethnic gifts interest you and if it’s made by Bedouin tribes-people or Sri Lankan monks you might be fascinated.  A meditation CD will suit your spiritual side, along with anything to help your adventures – compass to language course.   
YOUR PRESENT TO YOU An amazing holiday to look forward to.


You prefer useful presents, so cookware and DIY equipment is ok, but you like it sweetened with something romantic and/or sentimental such as jewellery or an antique.  Body lotion appeals to your sensuality, and your family tree would be a top present.
YOUR PRESENT TO YOU -  A comedy show, to make you relax.


Wacky lights your fire, and you’d be doubly pleased with something from the Oxfam shop so you’re doing your save-the-world bit.  You’ll wear silly Crimbo socks with pride!  You also love objects made from real wood, from dibbers to pencils.  Techno gadgets fascinate you and computing accessories can’t fail.
YOUR PRESENT TO YOU -  A visit to woodland or an animal sanctuary.


Anything whimsical and magical for you – you’re a sucker for the whole Yuletide enchantment, although you shrink from the garish.  Crystals, tarot decks and lanterns are lovely.  Your ‘big pressie’ could be a Kindle, so you can get lost in stories.  Soft slippers and toe-rings can fill your stocking.
YOUR PRESENT TO YOU -  A meditation retreat, for deep peace.

Of course the astrology of your birth sign can only ever be a small slice of you.  More detailed and exact advice is readily available, however.  Monthly horoscopes are there for you.  Get free horoscopes and psychic insight at The Circle.  If you want to know more about yourself and your year ahead, call one of our expert readers at The Circle without delay.

PUBLISHED: 8 December 2014

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