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Your Sign's Guide to Being Powerful


Power – we’d all like it, at least to some degree.  It doesn’t have to be about bossing people around.  Really it’s the ability to express yourself, to be yourself, choosing what you want to do and putting it into practice.  It’s power to, rather than power over.  Deep within you have this, and if you can’t quite grasp it, if you feel ineffectual, under pressure, hemmed in, then it could be you’ve fallen into bad habits and negative thinking.  Start to make changes by checking out your own sign’s advice.  We’re all complex creatures, so read all the other signs too.  You’ll find hints to liberate your own inner super-hero.



You may think an easy life is what you want and with your energy and drive you may get it – then what?  Comfort and consistency leach all your oomph and then you get stroppy at the whole stuffy world.  Break out!  Do something difficult and different.  Stretch your mind and body.  Win or lose, you still win because you conquer your demon, apathy.  And you can always go back and have another go….



Somehow you can’t get going – one step forwards, two steps back, then an extra biscuit or two, to give you energy that never really arrives.  Hey – you’re probably over-committing.  Take baby steps, steadily and slowly.  Only venture a teeny bit outside your comfort zone.  Give yourself credit for each task you’ve completed, however mundane, and you’ll find you build up, bit by bit, till you’re bulldozing ahead.



Knowledge is power – you’ve always known that.  So why is your head full of useless information, when you really need to be well-informed and slay ‘em all with a smart comment?  Because you’re getting side-tracked.  Develop the habit of making notes of all your random ideas and then pursue the ones that you can see will lead somewhere useful.  Think ahead, have the right facts at your fingertips and you’ll win any argument.



You know what nibbles away at your strength – fear.  You waste so much time trying to make sure all you value is safe that you don’t have much left for that forward drive, and in any case you’re scared of failing.  Man up!  It’s much better to make a brave flop than take gutless flight.  In any case, you have enormous strength, stamina and ingenuity, so express this, for anything is better than hiding under a rock.



Your standards are sky-high and that can be the problem.  Secretly you think you might not reach them, so you waste energy in bluster.  Do you want to be seen as someone who always has to be the centre of attention (yawn!) or a person with dignity who always meets life head on?  You might not always see your name in lights but you’ll be a true star if you take leadership responsibly when it’s available and uphold your ethics.  Ker-pow!



It’s sooo frustrating when you can see where you want to be, have the common-sense to get there and yet go round in circles.  Why does this happen?  Because you get bogged down in detail.  If goal really matters to you, you’re going to have to forget the small print and focus on results.  If something bites you on the bum at least you haven’t had your back up against the wall.  Stop worrying and start acting.



With your clear head and logical mind, you’re a force to be reckoned with, so why haven’t you debated and disputed your way right to the president’s chair?  Could be because you’re too concerned with your chorus of cheerleaders.  Stop trying to please all the people, all of the time and concentrate on pleasing yourself.  When you get to the top you’ll find that you still have plenty of support – but now you can make it work for you.



Be honest – power is what you desire most in life, and you often chew over the reasons why you don’t have the control you’d like.  It’s simple – you’re making it too complicated.  Trying to be one jump ahead and figure out the agendas of those around you is wasting your energy.  You have immeasurable determination, courage and single-mindedness.  By all means keep your aims to yourself, but pursue them – relentlessly.



You’re aware of the power that education brings, and so you often set out to appear the wisest, most well-informed person in your circle.  But is that satisfying?  Not deeply.  Appearing clever doesn’t give you the influence that truly being clever brings.  So stop posing and start studying.  Sign up for a course today and make sure it’s one that will lead to status and opportunity for you.



Being in a position of authority is important to you and you hate being stuck with mundane tasks.  It isn’t fair and you want to change this, but there’s so much to do and let’s face it, you can be very pessimistic.  So make a plan.  If you can see how to get from A to B then you’ll have the confidence to progress.  Be methodical and don’t over-stretch yourself.  Tell yourself you’re tailor-made for management – because you are!



The idea of being power-hungry repels you, and because of this you often withdraw.  Then you resent being told what to do by people who aren’t as able as you, and you rebel.  Such a waste!  Think of all the fab changes you could bring about if you’re in the driving seat!  Use your high ideals as inspiration and fight for your right to make a difference.  Won’t you be a lot more satisfied if you get involved?



You realize that power isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and having control and influence doesn’t make people happy.  But directing your own life is a power worth having, and you often give that away because you feel sorry for someone or something.  Start putting your own needs first and then you’ll be better equipped to spread sunshine.  Your dreams matter for they are the beginning of something magical.


Being ‘powerless’ is a horrible feeling and can turn you into a victim, or cause your life to spin out of control.  If none of the above suggestions hit the spot, then you need more targeted advice.  Contact one of our readers without delay and see how you can become effectual and influential.


PUBLISHED: 17 November 2014


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