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Year Of The Rooster


Chinese year ahead predictions for all the twelve Animals. Check out your year of birth and get the heads-up to make the best of 2017.




You like a challenge but there are limits. You scamper from one important task to another and often feel disorientated, and even slightly panicked. Generally it feels good though because there’s always something happening! STRUT YOUR STUFF Don’t take anything at face value. Make sure your intentions are positive and barriers will turn into blessings, problems into power. You’re known for being an opportunist, and very resourceful – now you can show the world what you’re made of. 


Last year you sometimes felt stuck in the mud. Now at least you can pull free, but your direction isn’t clear. You have amazing common sense so take your time choosing and sniff the wind. Whatever you select, make sure you know the entire agenda. STRUT YOUR STUFF Unyoke yourself from the ‘I can’t’ or ‘I mustn’t’. Deep inside you’re ambitious so aim high. Why shouldn’t you have the relationship you dream of or the big career break? Re-invent yourself and be drastic.


The pace and breadth of vision of the coming year light your fire. You love your freedom, and you’ll range far and wide with delight. Your social life will be especially vibrant and there will be some intriguing and unusual career opportunities. STRUT YOUR STUFF. That big cat swagger will be especially impressive, gaining you entrance to special places. Follow your heart’s most secret and passionate desires. Fortune favours the brave!


The peaceful life you love seems a distant dream as you dodge all the curve-balls and bat back challenges and criticisms. You can do it!  Take one day at a time, and run to your burrow for a rest whenever you have a chance. STRUT YOUR STUFF. Watching what other people get up to will increase your store of secret information, and will give you plenty to smile about. Put your best efforts into home comforts and keep your powder dry.


Happy days! Secretly you just know you’re no mere mortal, and you’re about to be proved right! You’re flying high, with great relationships, fab career breaks, luck with money and even a bit of fame! Don’t forget to share and care. STRUT YOUR STUFF. Breathe fire to your hearts content. No-one is likely to argue with you. But be true to yourself and maintain high standards if you want to keep your self esteem.




It’s just as well you’re a patient soul, because this year will bring its share of frustration, especially at the start. Keep on keeping on, because the tide will turn. Maintain sensible habits and enjoy simple pleasures – they’re mostly free. STRUT YOUR STUFF. Make the best of your finances and make a game of living as cheaply as possible. Live in the moment, and you will discover how rich life truly can be.


For a while you feel like you’re getting somewhere only to realise that you’re going in a circle round your tether. You’ll need all your quick wits and lively personality to make any progress. STRUT YOUR STUFF. You need a completely different take on life, so try to take a long break and get away from it all. Then you will realise that the limitations are largely in your mind and you’ll spot opportunities.


Your charm and gentleness attract friends and lovers, and this turns out to be quite a stable and fulfilling year. Some of the problems you’ve been wading through fall away and the grass looks green for grazing. STRUT YOUR STUFF. Blow away that cloud of anxiety you tend to trail. Move on from certain obligations that you’ve assumed out of misplaced duty. Freedom lies ahead.


What a crazy year – but you enjoy keeping all those balls in the air and you’re such an expert juggler. Even though there’s so much happening, underneath it all there’s a layer of stability. STRUT YOUR STUFF. Vary your routine – what’s right for more stick-in-the-mud types isn’t right for you. Also you can mix business with pleasure, as long as you keep a clear head.


It’s your year of course and you’ll be radiant with confidence. The great thing is you’ll be in the frame of mind to ignore the imperfections that often annoy you, and so you’ll be more successful. STRUT YOUR STUFF. Listen carefully to the inner voices that guide you by having moments of peace and quiet. Speak the truth as you see it and be especially honest with yourself.


Although you’re a cheery person on the surface, inside you quickly turn a dilemma into a disaster. Stop gnawing away at your worries. The good times will outweigh the bad if you keep positive and proactive. STRUT YOUR STUFF. Think on your feet and find ways to turn problems to plus points. Don’t hang around with negative types. They may be your cronies when you want to have a moan, but they could get you down now.


Luckily you’re not hard to please – nice food, comfy home and some good lovin’ readily available. All that should be okay, but there are some tough things out there, so pace yourself. STRUT YOUR STUFF. Make ‘no’ your default when you have any doubts about anything. Suspect schemes? – No! – sob stories? – No!  And there’s no such thing as a free lunch, okay? Your usual trusting nature could let you down, so toughen up and practice that ‘No!’.



Knowing your Chinese fortunes for the year ahead can put you on the right track, but there’s nothing as helpful as having your personal ‘fortune’ spelled out to you by one of our intuitive and helpful Readers, so put in a call and have a wonderful 2017.


PUBLISHED: 10 January 2017

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