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Everything You Need to Know About 2019: The Year of the Pig


The pig is the 12th and final animal in the cycle of the Chinese zodiac, which corresponds with the orbital period of Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. This year is the year of the pig, the first one since 2007, with previous years being 1995, 1983, 1971, 1959, and 1947. If you were born in any of these years, you may need to pay special attention to what the Chinese year of the pig might have in store for you. People who fall under the pig zodiac tend to be associated with strong personalities and plenty of good luck. Here's what you need to know about the Chinese pig zodiac and what you can expect in 2019.



Origins of the Pig Zodiac


The symbol of the pig is 豬, with the word 'pig' in Chinese being pronounced as "zhu". The origin story of the pig Chinese zodiac is intrinsically linked to the attributes and fortunes of people born under the sign of the pig today. According to myth, when the Jade Emperor was tasked with deciding the order of the zodiac cycle in the days of Ancient China, he came to the conclusion that the best way to determine this would be to hold a party in the Imperial Palace, with the order being determined by the order in which the animals arrived. The pig was the last creature to make it, with the most common reason being given being that he ate too much and overslept, giving rise to the phrase "lazy pig" for the first time.


Other legends claim that the Buddha called a meeting of all creatures before his departure from Earth and that the pig was the last to arrive, either due to laziness or a body shape which didn't allow for a speedy journey. Despite these origin stories, pigs have a number of strong and positive attributes.


Pig Chinese Zodiac Characteristics


The kind of pig you are depends on what year you were born in, but there are some consistent personality traits and attributes that apply to all pigs. For one thing, they tend to shun ostentation, often staying humble and not letting people know about their own wealth and success. They are almost universally ambitious, with a strong respect for wealth and status, often working hard to achieve these things on their own terms. Pigs approach even mundane tasks with enthusiasm, and the year of the pig is often one that brings higher levels of success for hard work. 


Earth Pig (born 1959 and 2019): Earth pigs are typically optimistic and very social, often struggling to spend time alone. They will have wide friendship groups and strong support networks. Despite this, Earth pigs tend to become successful only later on in life, often taking time to find the right path for them. With 2019 being an earth pig year, older pigs can expect to find financial success, but this may come at the cost of your social life, meaning that finding a healthy work-life balance may prove to be the biggest challenge in the year ahead.


Fire Pig (born 1947 and 2007): Fire pigs are just as well-liked in the friendship department, but often fall flat in the romance department. Fire pigs are known to have serious trouble holding down a lasting romantic relationship, partly because they have difficulty settling down with one person for an extended period of time. They are also characteristically good with money, being savvy investors and savers.


Wood Pig (born 1935 and 1995): If you're a wood pig, you tend to live in the moment. Chances are you don't think too much about saving money away for a rainy day, often prioritising the now and ensuring that you get the most out of life while you can. This may cause issues later on in life, but wood pigs often enjoy career success, as well as strong romantic relationships.


Pig Zodiac Compatibility


There are a number of zodiac animals that are highly compatible with pigs. One of the best matches in the entire Chinese zodiac is the pig/dog compatibility, with pig women and dog men being a particularly well-matched couple. They tend to complement each other's mood swings in a way that makes them a formidable team. Most importantly, successful women need not worry about intimidating a dog man as they will understand your drive and want you to flourish.


For male pigs, you can't do much better than the male pig and female rat compatibility, which is similarly exceptionally high. Female rats will be your rock, working hard behind the scenes to ensure your financial success is unimpeded. You will also make an ideal long-term couple, able to see past the honeymoon phase and built a life together. Male pigs looking to find love in 2019 have very strong prospects; however, this love will most likely be found outside of your usual social circle, meaning that it's the right time to get out there and meet new people. 


Western Zodiac Equivalent


Followers of the western zodiac should know that the pig is Scorpio, which helps explain the determination, idealism, and the occasional penchant for luxury shared by both signs. The pig and the Scorpio are in equal need of a support network and wise advice, lest they fall astray and allow their darker desires to take hold. In 2019, the year of the wood pig, it will, therefore, be more important than ever to trust your friends and family for advice, particularly when it comes to matters of the heart.


Pigs in 2019


While the year of one's zodiac sign is usually one of danger and bad luck, there are plenty of opportunities for pigs in the year ahead. As a pig, you will experience a number of challenges that will take a toll on you emotionally, mentally, and financially. However, if you choose to trust the counsel of your loved ones, you will find opportunity lurking just around the corner. If you are able to overcome the challenges of the year of the pig and see the opportunities in every stressful situation, it may end up being your most rewarding and prosperous year yet.


Published: 24 January 2019

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