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Year of the Monkey 2016


The Year of the Monkey starts on February 8th 2016.  Chinese Zodiac Years do not begin on January 1st.  Chinese astrology and the Chinese calendar depend on the phases of the moon.  The New Year begins on the New Moon that is closest to the middle of the time-span between the Mid-winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.


In the following article we look at:
•    Chinese Astrology Animals
•    Chinese Zodiac Years
•    Your Chinese Zodiac Animal
•    What the Year of the Monkey 2016 has in store 


Chinese astrology is a system all of its own, using many factors that aren’t involved in Western astrology, such as the hour you were born.  However, there is an aspect of Chinese astrology that’s easy to apply – the animal years.

There are twelve animals which have years named after them.  One legend tells how the Lord Buddha summoned the animals to him before he left earth.  Only twelve arrived, and so they had years named after them in the order of their arrival


The Chinese Zodiac years come in this order, and each animal has different characteristics, so the Chinese year in which you were born affects your personality:



Intelligent, adaptable, quick-witted, sociable


Loyal, thorough, strong, sensible


Enthusiastic, brave, ambitious, charismatic


Trustworthy, caring, diplomatic, artistic


Lucky, flexible, eccentric, imaginative


Philosophical, intuitive, organized, decisive


Adaptable, adventurous, quick-witted, powerful


Calm, tasteful, elegant, charming


Versatile, lively, smart, cheery


Flamboyant, honest, confident, particular


Loyal, diligent, steady, lively


Honourable, determined, optimistic pleasure-loving




You can easily work out your Chinese Zodiac Animal by counting backwards using the list below.  For instance, as 2016 is the Year of the Monkey, 2015 was the Year of the Sheep, 2014 The Year of the Horse etc.  However, if you were born in January or February, you need to know the exact date of Chinese New Year.  Here is a list of Chinese New Year dates, since 1950:



1950 Feb 17th

1951 Feb 6th,

1952 Jan 27th

1953 Feb 14th

1954 Feb 3rd

1955 Jan 24th

1956 Feb 12th

1957 Jan 31st

1958 Feb 18th

1959 Feb 8th

1960 Jan 28th

1961 Feb 15th

1962 Feb 5th

1963 Jan 25th

1964 Feb 13th,

1965 Feb 2nd

1966 Jan 21st

1967 Feb 9th

1968 Jan 30th

1969 Feb 17th

1970 Feb 6th

1971 Jan 27th

1972 Feb 15th

1973 Feb 3rd

1974 Jan 23rd

1975 Feb 11th

1976 Jan 31st

1977 Feb 18th

1978 Feb 7th

1979 Jan 28th

1980 Feb 16

1981 Feb 5th

1982 Jan 25th

1983 Feb 13th

1984 Feb 2nd

1985 Feb 20th

1986 Feb 9th

1987 Jan 29th

1988 Feb 17th

1989 Feb 6th

1990 Jan 27th

1991 Feb 15th

1992 Feb 4th

1993 Jan 23rd

1994 Feb 10th

1995 Jan 31st

1996 Feb 19th

1997 Feb 7th

1998 Jan 28th

1999 Feb 16th

2000 Feb 5th

2001 Jan 24th

2002 Feb 12th

2003 Feb 1st

2004 Jan 22nd

2005 Feb 9th

2006 Jan 29th

2007 Feb 18th

2008 Feb 7th

2009 Jan 26th

2010 Feb 14th

2011 Feb 3rd

2012 Jan 23rd

2013 Feb 10th

2014 Jan 31s

2015 Feb 19th  








Expect the unexpected in the Year of the Monkey.  After the peaceful, caring vibe of the Year of the Sheep, Monkey Year will keep you on your toes.  However much you try to be one jump ahead there’s a good chance that the one thing you haven’t considered could pop up to bite you on the posterior!  But this could bring out the best in you – as long as you don’t fall victim to stress.  

Even if tension is a problem, there’s a good chance some inventive – and quick – relaxation techniques will come to light because the Year of the Monkey is full of quirky solutions.  This year will encourage resourcefulness, fast-thinking and fast-talking, with an up-beat ‘happening’ vibe.  Communication will be highlighted, along with anything requiring mental or manual skills.  Get ready for an interesting year!


RAT  Lots of good times ahead and romance looks hot – just don’t overdo anything!  You will have many opportunities, and your job will be to sort out the good ones from the time-wasters.


OX  This could be a stressful year but if you keep on keeping on you’ll win through.  Your common sense comes up trumps so never despair – you’ll land in the cookie jar!

TIGER  You’ll feel free and easy, but watch the curve-balls.  You’ll need to compromise, stay calm and be sensible about money.  Exciting breaks can come but never bet what you can’t afford to lose

RABBIT  Do try to relax!  You’re such a worrier and you could waste the year waiting for a blow that never falls. This is a great year for love, although work could be iffy.  Enjoy peaceful pleasures.

DRAGON  An eventful year – you’re on a roll and making waves.  To hell with routine – your resourcefulness wins prizes.  However, avoid taking people for granted because your loved ones need TLC

SNAKE  Monkey year rarely does what it says on the tin and you don’t like that.  Stop trying to control everything and trust your intuition.  The great thing is your sex-life looks amazing this year!

HORSE  Monkey satisfies your taste for variety and adventure.  Ambitions that you’ve abandoned can be re-vitalised, so focus on what’s workable.  In love, watch for the buying signals.

SHEEP  Peace is shattered and there are gremlins everywhere – that’s how it seems.  But if you face your fears you will go from strength to strength and it won’t be so bad – in fact it could be pretty good!

MONKEY  It’s your year and force of nature that you are, you’ll be unstoppable.  Guard against bad luck by wearing red, as your own year can backfire.  Concentrate on true progress rather than impressing everyone.  When you talk yourself into things – as you do – make sure you come up with the goods.  Then what you achieve will stick around.

ROOSTER  Your career is steaming ahead now, but don’t forget that home is important too.  Status and success matter to you, but you still need that snug nest.  Relationships need work this year.

DOG  Everyone loves you but you can’t seem to get that feeling of security you crave.  Try not to fret – now is your time to get noticed.  You can sort out the details later.


PUBLISHED: 4 January 2016

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