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Your Best Gift For A Starry-Eyed Christmas


We all want to be pleased at Christmas, and we all want to make our loved-ones happy with what’s under the tree. Sometimes it can be hard to think up something special, so get a little help. Check out what the stars have to say on the matter!




Most Aries folk like to keep active, and being given a challenge often brings out the best in them. The latest sports gear, a gym subscription or a voucher for something adventurous like a plane-flying experience should appeal. You could also give a snuggly hat or ear-warmers. Find out your Aries’ favourite hobby and give them something they can use, for they often like to be hands-on
IF YOU’RE AN ARIES – Be patient while trying to find out what others want for Xmas. Make sure you have a special treat lined up for the New Year, to distract you from the seasonal agro!


This is one of the easiest signs to buy for, because your Bull likes anything sensuous and pampering. Gourmet food, a cuddly sweater, a silky scarf and top-quality lotions and potions for bath-time luxury will all go down well. Taureans are often good gardeners and some seeds or bulbs for the Spring would keep their spirits up. IF YOU’RE A TAURUS – Try to understand other people’s preferences and be tolerant if they aren’t as easy to please as you. Book yourself and ‘significant other’ a spa day, to wallow in.


Geminis are endlessly curious and love to be up-to-the-minute. That latest best-seller or DVD that everyone’s talking about will go down a treat but be quick, because impatient Gem will have got it for themselves.  Gloves, fashion accessories, phone apps and upgrades and magazine subscriptions are also good choices. IF YOU’RE A GEMINI – Don’t change your mind once you’ve given your pressie list out! After Christmas plan a complete change of some sort – redecorating a room would be perfect.


Emotional and sentimental, Cancerians love gifts that show you really care about them. A framed photo of a special day spent together, key-rings, jewellery and knick-knacks that have that personal touch, a cookery book, themed tee-shirt – all of these could go down well. It doesn’t have to be flashy – just show you’ve listened to them. IF YOU’RE A CANCER – Make yourself a promise that you won’t get moody if you’re given something thoughtless. Plan a January mini-break somewhere beside the sea, to keep you cheerful.


Leos love to be spoiled and the Big Gesture will impress, however hard they try to be above all that. Splash out on gold and diamonds if you can, sweep them off to a swanky show, or try to get them photographed with a celebrity. Failing all else, a specially-engraved wine-glass saying ‘You’re the Best’ will be treasured. IF YOU’RE A LEO – Remember not everyone has your sense of occasion, so don’t be pushy. Look forward to a games evening, for January giggles, when you know you will win!



Never ask a Virgo what they want, for they’re far too modest to say! However, they will love anything that keeps them organized such as a calendar, diary, desk-tidy or similar. First-aid kits, aromatherapy oils and therapy vouchers are all acceptable. Think understated and good quality – engraved cuff-links or a slim bracelet maybe. IF YOU’RE A VIRGO – Try to look pleased even if you’re offered something tasteless. Book yourself a skip to fill in the New Year, a day off to get sorted, and a quiet walk in winter wonderland.




Never buy anything tatty – Libra loves quality. Try to find out what their taste is before splashing out. Music is always appreciated, so an ITunes voucher or CD would be great. Also original works of art or sculpture. Librans love labour-saving gadgets and grooming aids so consider a state-of-the-art juicer, the latest hair-straighteners or nail kit. And of course quality fragrance cannot fail. IF YOU’RE A LIBRA – Don’t leave your shopping till the last minute – you hate being in a flap. Promise yourself a trip to an art gallery or stately home for a peaceful January interlude.



These private people can be quite hard to buy for, as they may keep their preferences to themselves. Don’t believe them if they say they want nothing, however – they truly want you to try hard to please them! Something durable and serviceable of the best quality, such as a leather case, or belt or a tool-kit for their favourite hobby, maybe. A voucher for a tarot or psychic reading, books on crime and mystery or their family tree could fascinate, and sexy underwear is always a winner! IF YOU’RE A SCORPIO – Don’t expect your nearest and dearest to read your mind – not everyone is as insightful as you. Slip off somewhere secret in the New Year to recover from it all.



Saggies have two sides. One loves to horse around and giggle, the other is philosophical and maybe on a quest for deep and/or spiritual experiences. Make sure you know your Sag before buying a joke book or squeaky cushion. A meditation CD or DVD could go down well, ethnic clothes or jewellery strike the right multi-cultural note, and anything to help that adventurous spirit find freedom will be perfect – phrase book to fit-bit. IF YOU’RE A SAGITTARIAN – Try to be patient when your friends and family dither. Shop on-line well ahead of the panic and book yourself a holiday as far away as possible, as soon as possible.




Being pragmatic Cappy may ask for something useful but be crestfallen when their stocking contains only DIY kit, or cookware. Give them the practical stuff but sweeten it with a sentimental something like jewellery, an unusual antique or quality watch. Earthy Capricorn has a sensual streak, so body and massage lotions are ideal.  If you know your Goat well, play to their dry humour with a ‘Bah-humbug’ hat or silly mug. IF YOU’RE A CAPRICORN – Make a real effort not to be grumpy and cynical about tinsel and jungle bells. After the festivities have a day sauntering around a National Trust property, or similar, and making your ‘To-do’ list for next year.




Make an effort to tune in to the wacky nature of your Aquarius, because they’re unlikely to be enthused by the mundane. Most Aquarians are unoffended by charity-shop chic, and will welcome a recycled gift that helps to save the planet. Try real wood objects – cheese boards to dibbers. Techie gadgets and computing accessories are good, and for the Aquarius who has everything, a voucher saying you’ve planted a tree in their name should delight. IF YOU’RE AN AQUARIUS – Make sure you don’t guilt trip anyone about their Crimbo excess with remarks about the starving millions. Plan walks in woodland, whatever the weather, to feel peace and freedom.




Whatever age Pisces may be they always hope for a touch of enchantment. Although Pisces may not want to upset you, you’ll see the disappointment in their eyes if you don’t try. Anything whimsical and magical should appeal. Crystals, tarot decks, scented candles, soft slippers, toe rings – glittery but not garish suits Mer-folk. Pisces loves to get lost in something, so find out their favourite author and buy the latest novel, for hours of Piscean pleasure. IF YOU’RE A PISCES – Try not to expect too much.  Friends and family are only human. Also remember that you aren’t a Fairy Godmother, so don’t splurge and stress buying your loved ones everything. Book a meditation retreat or time with animals to return to earth in the New Year.




We’ve looked at how to please each of the signs, to make Christmas easier, but stress often creeps in regardless. Don’t worry. When it all gets too much our supportive Readers are always available, with insight and advice. Don’t let the tension build – the best present you can give yourself will be a Reading, so book one without delay.


PUBLISHED: 12 December 2016

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