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Wake Up Shake Up With Uranus In Taurus


Uranus has been called ‘The Awakener’. This is the planet of rebellion, bringing flashes of insight and sudden transformation. Now he is moving into Taurus, where he will be for the next seven years. This is important because Taurus is the sign of Fixed Earth, very resistant to change.


We all have areas of our life where we cling on to what’s familiar, even when it’s not good for us. That’s just where the shake-up is coming. So get the heads up on the changes you need to make, and ensure you choose where to jump – or you’ll surely be pushed!



Uranus has been in your sign for a while now, so when he moves into Taurus you can look forward to a bit of stability. That applies to everything apart from your finances. Don’t take anything for granted. Be prepared to think on your feet regarding your job and/or investments. Change means opportunity, not disaster, but all the same brace yourself for a few surprises. TOP TIP Have several strings to your bow when it comes to your income streams.



Anything in your life that isn’t working well is likely to disappear soon. You are both stubborn and practical. The former won’t work for you – it will only make things harder, but your practicality can enable you to adjust and move on. Keep your feet on the ground and your mind on the present moment. Things aren’t really as crazy as they may sometimes seem, and all will be for the best. TOP TIP Take regular walks and connect daily with nature.


You prefer to ignore unpleasant undercurrents and if someone is working against you, you laugh it off. But now certain hidden enemies may cause you grief, and pretending it isn’t happening won’t make it go away. Watch your back and be careful whom you trust. Your instincts will reveal false friends so if you feel uneasy take it seriously and choose other companions. TOP TIP You’ll feel great and win Brownie points if you do kind deeds.


You love that secure sensation that comes from having a ‘family’ of friends. However, your little tribe is due for changes. People you’ve relied on may leave or you may be pushed to take on a different role. Be adaptable. Your social life can now become much more exciting but you need to push out of your comfort zone. TOP TIP Make ‘A stranger is just a friend you don’t know yet’ your motto.


Being successful is important to you and while you’re certainly aware of life’s deeper values, your happiness depends a lot on status and reputation. Career changes may come out of nowhere. One minute you’re everyone’s darling, the next you’re dumped – or vice versa. Keep smiling, because your true path will be revealed. TOP TIP Never stop believing in yourself.



Have you found a spiritual path that inspires you? Or do you go along from day to day getting submerged in routine and trivia? You’re about to be shown that there are more things ‘out there’ than you’ve dreamed of. This could be very exciting or unsettling – it all depends how open-minded you are. TOP TIP Go to talks and workshops about spiritual matters and follow what appeals.




You prefer everyone to be friendly and civilized and it can be unpleasant to be faced with the discovery that people can be jealous, vengeful and even malevolent. It’s even harder to realise that sometimes you have darker emotions, too. Relax – we’re all human, and you’ll be even more of a ‘beautiful person’ if you’re honest with yourself. TOP TIP. A little therapy to uncover buried issues from the past can be healing.




For many of us relationships can be a difficult area, and yours are due for an overhaul. What isn’t working will probably break now, so square up and end anything that isn’t making you happy before it gets out of control. Good relationships can be galvanizing, so remember that partnerships are intended to teach us things and enjoy the ride! TOP TIP Look beyond what a relationship can give you and try to connect with the soul of the other person.




You’re rarely keen on routine so when yours is all over the place you may find it inspiring. However, the stress caused by upheavals can still be difficult and you need to look after your health. Remember to relax, and book time out to experience peace and freedom. TOP TIP Now would be a great time to begin a health and fitness initiative – as long as you don’t go over-the-top.




Banish the notion that there’s always something waiting to bite you on the posterior. You won’t necessarily know where opportunity comes from, or where it may lead, but do see it as opportunity, not threat. Romance is in the air, creativity blossoms, and only negative think could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory – don’t go there! TOP TIP Start a new hobby or pastime and prioritise play.




Family matters could be unstable. You may uncover something about your past that takes some adjusting to, or a relative may behave unpredictably. Skeletons could come tumbling out of closets but equally a family treasure could come to light. Don’t pull away. It’s a journey, and it will be positive, long-term TOP TIP. Research your family tree and review your sense of what ‘family’ means to you. Maybe it’s about past lives, too.




A busy, busy time with lots of sudden messages and dashing about could be really stimulating, but sometimes it could run you ragged. Learn not to be too sensitive – you can’t please all of the people all of the time and you can’t be everywhere at once. Saying no is essential. Letting people down isn’t a mortal sin, but letting yourself down may be. TOP TIP Remember a wise person said ‘Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds’. Be prepared to overturn your opinions and routines.




Now you have clues about coping with the changes that are coming and you can be prepared. For more detailed help and support our Readers are always on hand, so if you feel at all uneasy just call today and set your mind at rest.



PUBLISHED: 04 June 2018

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