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Understanding The Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman in love, how to attract a Virgo woman and the perfect love compatibilities for a successful relationship...
The Virgo woman is one of the most feminine signs. She exudes femininity and female power amidst her gentle nature, and is the queen of practicality. Virgos are born between 23rd August and 22nd September and are ruled by the planet Mercury. She is a true follower of her heart, ruled by the centre of emotion and intuition, sometimes finding it difficult to connect the mind or see the world from a larger perspective.



Virgo woman traits make her a strong contender of the signs in terms of loyalty, reliability and commitment. Her nurturing femininity gives her a certain mysticism, she is non-judgemental, unbiased, and always willing to listen. She quite likes a debate as long as everyone is treated with respect, and she will portray an aura of strength and intellect when she has her say. She is intelligent, witty, charming, and observant beyond all degrees. In fact, she can have a somewhat psychic ability, and will quickly pick up if someone is lying or being dishonest and will confront them. She will not condone deceitfulness and will not give second chances, even if it breaks her heart. Typical Virgo woman traits show that she can be quite meticulous about things, and she is known as the tidiest sign, almost bordering on OCD at times. She has a beautiful air of calmness about her. Although incredibly feminine and sometimes naïve, she is strong and will fight her corner if needed.



If a Virgo woman has a natural intuitive or psychic gift, she will make an excellent psychic, psychologist or counsellor. She has an unusual ability to connect with others on the same level and always gives people the benefit of the doubt because she is a peacekeeper. Any career would suit her and she would no doubt always be successful in everything she does. A Virgo woman employee would keep her boss happy as she is a perfectionist, has good people skills and will commit to her work fully. She would make a good therapist, or would be organised and dependable as a boss, treating everyone fairly. Although she is a perfectionist and can be highly organised, she may also need clear directions with her work, as she can sometimes let her personal life create chaos in her thoughts. A good Virgo woman profession could involve working in the caring industry, and she would be highly popular were she to work with children. She has a fun, nurturing manner about her, which is appealing to the masses.


The Virgo woman in love needs intelligent stimulation. She is keen to discuss and debate and loves her opinions to be heard and valued. She does not assume that everyone will agree with her and will happily accept differences. If you want to know how to attract a Virgo woman, remember that she wants to be treated with respect. She likes to be charmed and to feel that she has a deep connection with her partner on a mental level, and once this is established, the rest will naturally follow. Signs that match Virgo woman compatibility are:
VIRGO & CANCER: Virgo likes to be treated with respect and the Cancer man is a true old fashioned gentleman. These two freely show their emotions and Virgo woman understands the sensitivities of the Cancer man. Cancer can be a little clingy but Virgo would be in her element of nurturing, making him feel secure and loved.
VIRGO & PISCES: The Pisces man is a gentle, easy-going lover, a perfect match when it comes to Virgo woman compatibility. As long as he is not selfish in his ways or too laid-back, these two could have quite a spiritual connection. He is open, loving and respectful of others, giving her the freedom to be herself.
VIRGO & SCORPIO: Scorpio is the ultimate charmer and could have the Virgo woman reeling with excitement from the beginning. He equals her intelligence and would be a good match as a lover. Scorpio can have some selfish tendencies but Virgo would soon see and spell it out to him. This could be a very exciting and long-lasting match as long as Scorpio and Virgo are respectful of each other.
VIRGO & CAPRICORN: The Capricorn man is chatty, witty and loving. He would be good at reassuring Virgo of her feminine power and would be a strong shoulder if she ever needed emotional support. These two are a match made in heaven as long as they keep the lines of communication open. Much like Virgo, Capricorn is a natural counsellor and loves to discuss everything in great depth.


The Virgo woman in love is a loyal, loving, committed and nurturing partner and most would be lucky to have her. However, she does not suffer fools and will remove anybody from her life who has done her an injustice. She absolutely will not accept any type of disloyalty, unfaithfulness or dishonesty, and even if she is completely heartbroken, she will move forward and leave that person behind. The Virgo woman in love is flying high above the clouds, not believing her luck and wearing the biggest smile on her face for the world to see. She is not shy of showing her feelings and would quite happily introduce her new love to all of her friends and family.



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PUBLISHED: 05 August 2016

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