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Virgo Woman Love




She tries to be flawless and is often quite hard on herself when – as she sees it – she falls short. She loves it when her good points are noticed but anything too gushing will make her turn up her nose.



This may be the sign of The Virgin, but if you think this means Ms Virgo really is untouched and untouchable, think again!  ‘Virgin’ for her means independent and self-possessed. She can be very sexy but even in the most intimate moments there’s a part of her that you never quite reach. She’s cool, calm and collected, and she’s quite capable of telling you when you’ve got something wrong. This isn’t because she wants to get one up on you, or make you feel small, so man up and take what she says on the chin. Precision matters to her, and if she fancies you, she’d like to believe it matters to you, too. She may stay in the back room because she’s shy, but maybe also because she’s tasteful and modest. Join her there and she’ll love you, bring her out of it with a fanfare and she’ll adore you, despite her blushes. This is a woman of understated style, kindness and ability, with enough of the sex-siren in her to make her a prize.



  • Looking after things together.
  • A partner who is well-groomed and well-dressed.
  • Gentleness and consideration.
  • Everything being organised and smooth-running.


  • Leaving stuff to chance – so book that table and order the taxi.
  • Being taken for granted.
  • Showing off – it won’t impress her one jot


  • She’s tactile and sensuous but she needs time to warm up. Don’t rush her, or you could blow it.
  • Care for animals or plants together – it can give you chances to get close, and touch.
  • Working together at something useful will make her warm to you, as long as she doesn’t feel exploited.
  • Talk to her and ask her opinion – being valued and respected makes her open out.
  • Your date needn’t be flamboyant – small touches that show you’ve noticed what she likes are what count.
  • Blow her mind with beautiful fragrances, gourmet morsels and soft fabrics.





ARIES - You’ll probably irritate each other, but anger can be erotic.


TAURUS - Shared earthiness makes for good sex, but Virgo will need her mind stimulated too.


GEMINI - Fascinating repartee but you might not get past the chit-chat.


CANCER - Mutual support and caring, as long as you don’t fret over the same things.


LEO - A real meeting of opposites but you could realise you need each other very much.


VIRGO - Understanding each other might not stop you both feeling not quite good enough.


LIBRA - You’re fussy about different things, and may need to compromise.


SCORPIO - Virgo’s patience and correctness soothe Scorpio, and attraction could be lasting.


SAGITTARIUS - You rub each other up the wrong way, but a shared goal could bond you.


CAPRICORN - A perfect combination – you’re both practical and the physical side should work well.


AQUARIUS - His unpredictability could faze her till she learns to smile at it.>


PISCES - Fish’s dreaminess could be charming but wears thin when she finds she can’t sort him out after all.


Of course the astrology of a birth sign can only ever be a background sketch, and any two signs can get along together if they put in the effort, for love isn’t controlled by astrology – it just works through it.  More detailed and exact advice is readily available to you, however.  Monthly horoscopes are there for you.  Get free horoscopes and psychic insight at The Circle.  If you want to know more about yourself or your love-life, call one of our expert readers at The Circle without delay.


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