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Ms Virgo doesn’t like wasting anything, and that includes her words. She says what she means, clearly and concisely. Sometimes you may feel she goes into unnecessary detail, or dwells on matters you might consider unimportant (especially if you are, say, a Sagittarian or Piscean) but often she’s proved right in the end. This gal double-checks her facts and takes communicating seriously.


You can relax – Ms V isn’t one to cause a riot by her statements. If you’ve told her your secrets she’ll keep them (after serving you a healthy spoonful of practical advice). If some know-it-all is sounding off, she won’t squabble. However, she can stop the show with the occasional pithy, wickedly accurate remark. She’s mistress of the well-turned phrase. There’s no reason to shout, she believes. Truth speaks for itself.


There’s nothing she loves better than guiding friends through the minefields of mortgage and marriage, contracts and career. She grasps the important points immediately and her emotions don’t blind her to the facts. In the sweetest way possible she’ll hint at your failings and enable you to overcome them. She’ll spot pitfalls where you see smooth ground and you’ll thank your lucky stars for her guidance. Sometimes you may find her a tad negative, but then maybe it’s your call to cheer her up.


Ms Virgo tries hard to be perfect and that can be a strain. Because she’s aware of all the things she gets wrong (not that anyone else notices) she may pick fault with others. Her wicked comments may have you giggling, and the good thing is if you’re her best mate she probably isn’t slagging you off to others. But try to keep the goss light and up-beat. It isn’t good for her to slate and sneer – deep inside she feels much better when she’s constructive.  


  • Giving useful advice
  • Spotting drawbacks
  • Making every word count
  • Being taken seriously


  • Exaggeration
  • Being rushed for an answer
  • Emotional statements not based on fact




She hates arguing but if she hears something really daft she can’t contain herself.  She rarely raises her voice, but she can certainly get cross! 
  • She will start by appealing to your reason
  • If you don’t agree, she’ll warm to her subject
  • She may get out her notebook, to record or check facts
  • She will keep bringing you back to the point
  • If she gets frustrated or shown to be mistaken (very rare!) she can get waspish
  • Show you are listening to her and taking her remarks seriously, even if you think she’s nit-picking 
  • If she starts to see she’s wrong, she may still hold strong on a point that has to be verified later
  • Once it’s over, it’s not over with Ms Virgo. She’ll come back to the subject time and again, and even if she’s incorrect she’ll quibble about details and point out where she was right


FACE TO FACE - She’s a tactile woman and likes to be close to her friends, but challenging matters may be best dealt with on the blower 
ON THE PHONE - She likes catching up on a long call and finds phoning much better than the Internet – she likes to speak with a human being that she can pin down
LETTERS - These suit her love of detail and they will be beautifully crafted.  She likes to send a tasteful card, with well-chosen words
SPEECH-MAKING - This worries the life out of her and she will only ever be persuaded to do it if it’s about a subject she’s expert on.  You can expect plenty of information, but it might not be as entertaining as you’d hope.  Practical demonstrations are better – she excels at these
PARTIES - She tends to find herself in the kitchen, clearing up.  She likes small groups of friends to chat with, but a massive knees-up could be overwhelming
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