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The Virgo Man


 How to attract a Virgo man! Find out more about the Virgo man in love and the compatibilities of the Virgo man…


The Virgo man is caring, helpful, reliable and is a good friend to whomever he knows. He is loyal and always truthful, tactful in his approach and more trustworthy than others. He is an independent soul, and although he can be heavily relied upon, there is no doubt that he also likes to do his own thing.





The typical characteristics of a Virgo man are pretty straightforward. He is not somebody who particularly has a light and dark part in his character, so what you see is what you get and he will have no problem in speaking outright. He can be careful with his words and does not often intend to offend, but he will make sure that he gives his opinion in truth. The Virgo man traits mean he can be fussy, particular about things and is often a tidier, which can make him frustrated at those who are less bothered about it. He can also be stubborn and inflexible and stands firmly to his beliefs if challenged, but he will listen to others’ opinions and give them a chance to have their say. He is a straight talker, and looks at life logically, which can make him sceptical unless he is proved otherwise. A Virgo man is intelligent, witty and loving. He wears his heart on his sleeve and has no shame in showing his feelings.




The Virgo man is a go-getter. He is organised and highly analytical and therefore would be good in management or a career where he is required to appeal to others with his interpersonal skills. A perfect Virgo man profession would be a career in something that he could excel at and make progress in as he prefers a challenge. A position that involved research or investigation would hold his interest because he is a good problem solver. His people skills make him an understanding boss and his employees would find it easy to open up to him, making him also someone who is good at resolving arguments in the workplace due to his rational thinking. He is calm in situations where others may be highly emotional and has a gift for getting people to talk and settle differences. A perfect Virgo man profession would be something that challenges his curiosity and intellect because although he is well-suited to any type of career, he needs to be inspired and stimulated. 





Do you need to know how to attract a Virgo man? The Virgo man is turned on by charm, femininity and wit. He likes his partner to be on equal footing in terms of intelligence so that he feels there is a common understanding. He needs to be praised, not because he needs his ego stroked, but purely because he too believes in giving confidence and appreciation to others. Although no Prince Charming, he is old-fashioned in his beliefs, a perfect gentleman who is looking for a loving partner to spend his time with: The Virgo man compatibility:

  • VIRGO & TAURUS: Two earth signs combined make a lovely couple. Both of you find keeping a beautiful home important, often adorned with high-quality possessions. You are both rational thinkers, outspoken in your beliefs and respectful of others. A deep connection brings a sensual and loving relationship.
  • VIRGO & CANCER: Earth and water combined makes potential for a long-lasting relationship. Cancer’s nurturing and emotional thinking allows Virgo to be a free thinker and straight talker. Virgo man compatibility brings openness and loyalty, giving Cancer the security she needs. Putting aside the serious side of the relationship, these two can have a lot of fun. Their sense of humour and charm will create a happy home.
  • VIRGO & CAPRICORN: Capricorn is a natural counsellor which is an attractive trait for Virgo. The influence of the communication planet Mercury, makes Virgo a natural psychologist which Capricorn finds fascinating. These two could while away the time, chatting into the early hours of the morning. They communicate beautifully, and their love of social life means their home would be an open house for visitors. An intense and loving relationship.




The Virgo man traits make him a generous lover and a caring partner. The Virgo man in love is often smiling from head to toe, happy to freely tell the world that he is in love. He has no qualms in admitting how much he adores his partner and would shout it from the rooftop if he felt compelled. He will always have an independent streak in him so would need to be with a partner who was happy to occasionally give him the space to be just by himself. He would not take advantage of this and would respect the needs of his lover, often making small gestures to emphasise his feelings for them. The Virgo man traits make him fiercely loyal to his family, often putting others first and himself last. He is kind and considerate with his words, and openly loyal to the people he loves.




Have you fallen in love with a Virgo man and wonder if this is ‘the one’? Do you need to know how to attract a Virgo man? Are you hoping to find your soulmate in the near future? Find out about your future in love by speaking to our gifted Psychics, Clairvoyants and Mediums at TheCircle. He may be just around the corner!


Published: 01 August 2016

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