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You’re unlikely to hear Mr Virgo’s voice raised above the crowd. He believes that common-sense speaks for itself and that people will listen to him in the end. Logic, observation, usefulness – all these speak louder than words, and Mr Virgo may often be the one quietly solving the problem in the background, while everyone else is shouting. He may not even claim the credit, but don’t assume he doesn’t want it!


Modest this man may seem, but he does have an ego, and it’s very easily wounded. He doesn’t always take on board the fact that he’s speaking too quietly to be heard, or that his self-critical streak is projecting itself in the way he communicates. He wants to be respected and appreciated, but he often shoots himself in the foot. Make the effort really to listen to him and you’ll pick up some gems. He has a dry humour and an eye for the absurd, and he can really make you giggle!


This man isn’t always direct. He doesn’t want to cause trouble by bellowing his thoughts and feelings. However, he does hope that you’ll take the trouble to find out his views and preferences. With Mr V it’s advisable to learn to read between the lines. Certain things are obvious to him, and he trusts they also will be to anyone with a brain. Because of this he’s sometimes disappointed, and that can make him feel isolated. He can take this out by carping and criticising – best not to take this seriously.


Mr V is aware of all the subtle arguments, but when you get down to it, his attitude tends towards ‘Facts are facts.’ Spiritual and emotional perspectives hold less weight. You won’t hear much about what he believes, or feels – you’ll get the data. He’s extremely analytical and weighs everything up, efficiently and pragmatically. He is a mine of information but try to draw him into abstracts and he could become evasive and even sarcastic. However, if you’re lucky, he could be intrigued and want to learn more.


  • Facts and figures
  • Respect for his views
  • Dry humour
  • Analysis and accuracy


  • Being passed over in favour of louder, but less worthwhile communicators
  • Sweeping statements and assumptions
  • Lack of knowledge




You may think that Mr Virgo is a pushover, and it’s true there are times when he won’t bother to argue. However, if it’s a subject he regards as important, you’d better fire up those brain cells and prepare yourself, because he will blind you with science!
  • He’s quiet but determined – he’s probably a bit of an expert on the subject and he’s thought a lot about it. 
  • Once he gets into his stride he can be very insistent 
  • He may get irritable, and take your disagreement personally, as if it’s an attack on him
  • Because he thinks you’re criticising him, he could well come across as quite disapproving of you 
  • He will nit-pick over every little thing, and it’s possible that you could lose the plot
  • You need to keep him (and yourself) to the point, and be very patient 
  • Be calm and clear, and remember that if he seems to be putting you down it’s because he feels under threat 
  • If right is on your side he will come round, but will still probably insist he’s correct about certain - possibly trivial - aspects
  • He doesn’t forget, and you may find this subject gets batted back and forth for a very long time!


FACE TO FACE - He can be quite shy and may prefer to put off confrontations and meetings, so his nervousness can be more easily concealed
ON THE PHONE - You may think he’s being spontaneous, but he could have a list of topics and phrases in front of him, as a memory-jogger. He can be very persistent, and sometimes repetitive 
E-MAILS/TEXTS/FACETIME ETC - He may be amazing with technology, finding it more amenable than people, but it can also be a total bane, because if he doesn’t understand it, it puts matters out of his control, which he hates. If your Mr Virgo loves his gadgets he can sometimes hide behind them
LETTERS - If he has something important to say he could well write a letter. It may come on paper or as an attachment to an email, but be sure he will have dotted the ‘I’s and crossed the ‘t’s and double-checked everything. You may also find the letter is very long, go into exhausting detail!
SPEECH-MAKING - He has a dual feeling. On the one hand it’s great to be properly listened to. On the other hand he worries himself to death about being wrong. Expect plenty of data-sheets, charts and practical evidence
PARTIES - He’s not great at letting his hair down, unless he knows the people he’s with. But he can be great fun, with his wry jokes and ability to mimic and poke fun. Once he gets into the swing of it, he relaxes and may surprise himself how much he enjoys it all
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