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Three Solar Rituals To Make You Feel Amazing


The sun is more than just a source of heat and light.  It also emits powerful unseen energies that can give you amazing vitality, positivity and creativity.  Let the sun shine in to the depths of your being and feel renewed enthusiasm.


Find out about:
  • Dawn sun-dance
  • Sun-charged water
  • Rite to Amaterasu


This ritual will take a bit of effort, but it’s worth it.
First you need to find out the times of dawn in your area, and pick a hill-top where you have a good view eastwards.  Set your alarm early enough so you can get to your hilltop before dawn.  Bear in mind that times quoted for dawn in various publications refer to the time when there is enough light to see for certain occupations.  They do not refer to the actual moment the sun becomes visible, which may happen up to an hour later. 
Get to your hilltop well before sun-up.  However balmy the weather has been, you will be much colder than you anticipate, so wrap up warm.  Settle yourself to watch for the run-rise.  Choose a patch of ground that is as smooth and soft underfoot as you can find, for your vigil.
As the light increases, notice how things around you change.  Something mighty is happening in Nature.  Birds increase activity, shapes change, the wind may stir or quieten and the earth seems to sing.  Savour the excitement.
As the sun comes up it will become obvious exactly where it will appear.  Watch this spot attentively.  That magical moment when the fiery rim breaks over the horizon is not to be missed.  While the sun is low, looking at it is much less dangerous because the radiation has to pass through much more atmosphere, so, while it’s important to be careful, don’t worry too much about gazing for a few seconds.
While the sun is rising, take off your shoes.  When the total sphere is above the horizon, stand up, open your arms to the sun, say ‘Welcome’ and dance.  Dance in honour of the sun, imagining those electric rays powering your limbs.  Sparks from the sun are running in your veins.  Your whole being is set afire.
Dance for as long as you like, affirming to yourself that you are being not only re-charged, but inspired.  Then sit for a while, visualising success and fulfilment.  Go home and rest for a while, reflecting on your power and freedom.  Note your experiences in a journal.


The sun has fantastic healing properties.  Collect these in magical water, to heal and give strength.
Place six cinnamon sticks in a clear glass bottle or jar, filled with spring water and seal the bottle – this does not have to be airtight.  Leave the bottle in the midday sun for six minutes.  (Please note, when the sun is very bright glass has been known to cause fires, so take care.)
Bring the bottle in, hold it between your palms and close your eyes.  Ask that the healing and regenerating power of the sun be concentrated in this water.  Imagine the water subtly changed, filled with sparkling, microscopic bubbles that can lift and empower.
Store your bottle in the fridge.  For a tonic to your body and soul, take six teaspoons once a day, imagining all the healing effects.  You may also give some of this solar water to a friend who needs a boost, if that is what they want.  Imagine them well, energetic and strengthened as you give them the solar brew.


Sun gods are by no means always male.  Amaterasu is the Japanese sun goddess who hid herself away in a cave because her brother was cruel.  Nothing on the earth could grow, or live.  She was tempted out by the other gods, who then held up a mirror so she could see her own brilliance.  Fascinated, she emerged to shine for all mankind.
Amaterasu represents the delicate side of the sun that can cheer you and uplift you.  Create a small devotional space to honour her by finding a picture that represents her and placing in front of it a gold candle and a small mirror surrounded by an amber necklace or bracelet.  Burn also a cinnamon joss stick.
Light the candle and ask Amaterasu for blessing.  Close your eyes and imagine this kindly but brilliant goddess bringing you encouragement and hope.  When you have finished, thank the goddess and touch your palms to the earth.  Wear or carry the bracelet or necklace.  You can repeat this as often as you wish.


You have three rituals to perform if you wish – a dawn sun-dance, sun-charged water and honour to Amaterasu.  Practice all of these to draw the wonders of the sun into your life, heartening you and empowering your actions.



PUBLISHED: 29 August 2018

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