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The Humanitarian Aquarian


Aquarians could be called God’s gift to society. They have strong beliefs in how people should behave, how they should treat others and that every man should be equal. The Aquarian symbol is the water bearer which is an image of a man pouring or offering water. He is there to cleanse and to purify. Although an air sign, many believe that Aquarians are the fourth water sign as they do a deep (almost hidden) sensitive side to them. Aquarian males and females can be quite different in characteristics but they balance up the male / female species perfectly.


They are kind, gentle and loving, and they will wholeheartedly stand by you



Aquarians speak their mind. They can be too direct and sometimes offend people with their directness! However this is just an unfortunate lack of tact and they do have the ability to learn how to deliver kindly, if they are taught. Aquarians naturally want to help people, to support them and offer a shoulder to cry on. Have you ever heard an Aquarian say ‘One day I will save the world’ because if truth be told, they really would if they could. They hate for people or animals to suffer and will put forward their strong opinion in voicing this without a flinch. They are kind, gentle and loving, and they will wholeheartedly stand by you if they care for you. Aquarians have what appears to be a somewhat laid back style and attitude towards the world, however they sometimes will withhold their deepest fears, keeping them close to their chest so that they do not show vulnerability. They are the perfect head of the family, working hard to support their loved ones, so much so that they could miss out on precious family time.

They are the provider, the listener, the decision-maker and the calm in the storm




In love, they can sometimes give too much leeway to their partner, sometimes resulting in an unbalanced relationship which is exactly what they didn’t want in the first place. They too are independent creatures and although they love their partner deeply, they often need a bit of space too. Their friends are important but their family is the centre of their life. They are the provider, the listener, the decision-maker and the calm in the storm. They love deeply and want to feel needed because they are kind and generous and want to give. They will tell you straight if they think there is a problem that needs dealing with, don’t shut them off – they are often right!

Aquarians are not confrontational but they are clever in dealing with confrontation




In work they are committed but often their job is just a means to an end. As soon as the clock strikes they will be out of the door and on their way home to their family. They can be a positive influence in the workplace with their cool, calm manner and often become the mediator in office politics. Aquarians can be a gossip, but not in a malicious way - it would be more because they care about someone and want the situation to be resolved. Aquarians are not confrontational but they are clever in dealing with confrontation. They have an air about them which is composed and approachable. If you want an important decision made in the workplace, ask Aquarius – they will carefully consider all options and often come out with the most sensible answer.



•    Ed Sheeran – British Singer Songwriter
•    Jennifer Anniston – American Actress
•    Ellen DeGeneres – American Talk show host and comedian
•    Bob Marley – Reggae Singer Songwriter
•    Simon Cowell – British Music Industry Guru
•    John Travolta – American film Actor

In fact, it is believed that there is a higher percentage of famous Aquarians than any other star sign. Research and studies show that if you are born between the months of December and March you are more likely to be successful and school and in your chosen career.

If you are an Aquarian, then focus on exactly what you want out of life and put your mind to getting it because it will be yours!

PUBLISHED: 12 February 2016


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