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The Capricorn Man - Love, Family, Compatibility

Playing mind games or making him jealous will not make him want you more, 
it will make him consider walking away. If you love your Capricorn man, 
respect him and cuddle him, he wants to feel loved.



The Capricorn man is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is planet of the ‘father’ so this man will always have strong family values. He holds his family dear to his heart, wanting to be the gentle leader and the wise one who can speak of experience and be the natural family counsellor. He is the father figure, the plainly spoken and direct voice that everyone will listen to. He will expect his children to adhere to his ways, to be responsible with money and practical in life. He is sincere and his intentions are to equip his child with the knowledge and skills they need to be as successful as him.
Money drives ambition, determination and the important desire 
to meet his own and his family needs.


The drive and ambition that this man has literally from the minute he is born, is what makes him a success! He is money orientated and although he is not mean with it, he will be frugal. A self-employed Capricorn man will always be planning ahead, making sure he knows exactly when the next big project will come and how much money he will make. Money drives ambition, determination and the important desire to meet his own needs and those of his family. His work can almost be an obsession, especially if he is single. He is a natural boss, a fair man but one that will push his co-workers to succeed as much as him.


  • David Bowie
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Capricorn in love is down to earth, patient, emotional and romantic. He may not wear his heart on his sleeve straightaway because he is naturally cautious, but once he knows you he will be wonderfully honest and open. This man is passionate! He has stamina and a strong sensual need, however, do not make this man jealous! The Capricorn man believes in open honesty, tells it like it is and expects the same from you. Playing mind games or making him jealous will not make him desire you more, it will make him consider walking away. If you love your Capricorn man, respect him and cuddle him, he wants to feel loved. He is a man of tradition and will fully commit to a relationship sooner rather than later. He longs for a family and wants to provide solid foundations and emotional security. 



Capricorn men need to be with partners who are optimistic and assertive. They need to share the ambition and drive that makes Capricorn tick. In later life they will get impatient with an indecisive Gemini or an overbearing Leo. This man needs someone who will match his strong characteristics and traits in life, especially his sexual stamina! The most compatible signs are Taurus, Pisces, Scorpio and Virgo. He likes the easy going and fun nature of the water signs and is compatible with Scorpio and Pisces. He also finds Taurus and Virgo attractive as his sign matches their earthiness. They are dependable and trustworthy.
PISCES: The Pisces woman may need emotional grounding by this man, but they seem to complement each other well. It may not be an obvious match but this can be a wonderful solid and rewarding relationship.
SCORPIO: This may get off to a slow start as both signs are naturally untrusting at first glance. Once they relax and get to know each other, they could be very well-matched. Passionate Scorpio can ignite Capricorn!
CANCER: Capricorn’s opposite sign Cancer can be either a definite yes or a definite no! As long as she is grounded and not too needy, a Cancer woman can be a good match. Capricorn may get impatient if she is over-sensitive but has a clever way to rid of her insecurities. They are emotionally matched and honest in their ambitions.
VIRGO: Capricorn is an earth sign so another sign under this element gives fairly good foundations for a successful relationship. While Virgo can be obsessive about certain aspects of their life, Capricorn will guide them in getting a good balance.
TAURUS: The ambitious Taurus female is an instant attraction to Capricorn. She understands his drive and will encourage him to the success that he desires because she shares the same energy. With similar traits and both earth signs they do sometimes have a tendency to be a bit of lazy! 

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