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Mr Taurus prefers to feel that everything he does has a purpose.  This means he’s unlikely to bother with chit-chat.  He likes explaining how to do things, giving practical instructions and coming straight to the point.  And sometimes he can’t be bothered to say very much at all.



If Mr Taurus were to analyse how he feels (which isn’t very likely) he would say that just being together, all close and companionable, is a type of communication.  Because he’s very tactile, a lot is conveyed by touch, or just sitting side by side.  He won’t put himself out by thinking up smart ass phrases, or making empty remarks about this and that.  What’s the point in debating the state of the world or blathering about plans and schemes?  After all, he’s probably going to do what he generally does, and he’ll assume you’re going to do the same. He may comment on the state of the weather, perhaps, and what it’s best to wear. If there’s any change in his routine he’ll mention that. He could also have a word or two to say about the bank balance and the price of key items, but only if it’s essential. If you talk he may respond with grunts, and direct questions get a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’. You may assume vocal chords are superfluous to this man, until you hear him singing in the shower and realise how beautiful, tender and expressive he can be.





Keeping to the point

Short communication

Beautiful sounds




Chatter for its own sake – he’ll switch off

Being badgered and nagged

Anything discordant




What argument?  Taurus is unlikely to bother bandying words.


He doesn’t mind whether you agree with him or not

He probably won’t try to convince you, or even explain clearly

If you get angry or upset, he’ll patronise you, and will take the attitude that it’s your problem

If all else fails, his final answer may be to walk off, or stick his earphones back on

You need to remain sure of yourself

With most topics you need to decide – is this important enough to make a stand, or not?

If the matter is essential, vote with your feet. Actions speak louder than words 

Mr Taurus will find a way of getting used to your decision. But making too many changes can always be a risk





This is definitely best, because even if he says very little, body language conveys a huge amount.  With patience and practice you’ll get all the answers you need through little expressions, and the atmosphere. 



Okay for sorting out times and practical arrangements. You might get a routine endearment – if you’re lucky!  He probably won’t bother to talk into the answering service – he assumes you’ll see his missed call.



Generally too much hassle.  Why not just pick up the phone?  After all, that’s quickest (because of course he doesn’t chat…)



He could surprise you here.  There’s something satisfying about the feel of paper. You can hold it and experience it. He may even send you scraps of poetry, along with photos and drawings.



If he has to do a presentation then he’ll cope with it stolidly. He may be very nervous but it’s unlikely to show. Many Taureans are musical, however, and he could be more confidant when holding a guitar! 



As far as he’s concerned, parties aren’t for talking. He’ll go to have a drink and fill up his plate with good food. He may also have a dance but he’s sensitive to loud noise and often insensitive to the host’s feelings, so he’ll leave when he’s ready. 

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