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In Love With A Scorpio Man


Find out how to attract a Scorpio man, his typical personality traits and what makes the Scorpio man fall in love…


The Scorpio man is an independent soul who craves love and intimacy but does not necessarily give himself completely because he fears abandonment. He needs to be admired, adored and respected by the people in his life so that he feels important. The Scorpio man traits will not let anyone control him as he takes charge of his own life and makes decisions based on his own needs. Once he finds his true soul mate, he will love her completely and put her on a pedestal for everyone to appreciate.
He is easy going and the life and soul of the party…


The Scorpio man is a water sign, so he is ruled by his emotions. He is a natural leader and needs to feel he is the one in charge and will not like being inferior to anyone. He finds it difficult to take orders and is much better placed being the one who gives the orders for others to follow. He is focussed on moving up the career ladder and loves the luxuries in life that come with a good salary. The Scorpio man traits make him a doer, active in practical matters and communicating well when it comes to business and family issues. His family are important to him and if he has the money to spend, he will lavish his offspring with the best designer wear he can afford. Status is important to the Scorpio man and how others see him is one of his highest priorities in life. He is easy going and the life and soul of the party, always doing his best to make people laugh. It’s important to him that he is liked by others and if anyone questions his motives, they will be given the true Scorpio sting for doubting him.
He likes to be intrigued and will proudly tell his friends and family about the new love of his life…



The Scorpio man could be seen as a player or just a genuine lover of romance. He is one of the sexiest signs and a charmer who may have broken a few hearts in his time. However, former lovers may not have been his ideal match because once the Scorpio finds his true soul mate relationship, he is generous in loyalty and love until the end. If you want to know how to attract a Scorpio man, make sure you allure him by exercising mystery. He loves the chase and will surrender to any potential partner who makes him feel like he is admired and adored high on his pedestal. The Scorpio man in love is attracted to strong women with a successful career or someone who does something a little different from the norm in work. He likes to be intrigued and will proudly tell his friends and family about the new love of his life. A Scorpio man is compatible with the following star signs:
SCORPIO & PISCES: The fellow water sign of Pisces is a good match for a Scorpio man. She is often a strong, intelligent and independent woman who can openly talk about her emotions which Scorpio finds attractive.
SCORPIO & GEMINI: The Gemini female allures the Scorpio man with her direct honesty, compassion and adventurous nature. Gemini will keep the Scorpio man in bed happy as this relationship will set fireworks off in the bedroom. Scorpio will help Gemini to be more decisive and focused in life.
SCORPIO & CANCER: A match made in heaven as long as Scorpio is sensitive to the Cancer womans emotional needs. These two have a similar outlook on life and can have a long-lasting relationship as long as there is honesty and consideration for each other.
SCORPIO & SCORPIO: This is an elemental match. Two Scorpios totally understand each other and they are on the same level in terms of wants, needs and desires in life. They will encourage each other in challenges and support each other at emotional times. The Scorpio woman will know exactly how to please her Scorpio man in bed.


The Scorpio man in love is incredibly passionate and truly loves and worships his partner. He will do anything to keep her happy, lavishing her with gifts, romantic days out and charming gestures. He will make her feel like a queen and always puts her first above others. If you want to know how to attract a Scorpio man and keep him forever, make him feel very special. The Scorpio man cannot cope with anyone putting him down or questioning him and in fact he will quickly walk away if he does not feel secure in a relationship. He can be secretive in his thoughts and emotions so may need some coaxing to open up and reveal his true feelings.



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Published: 06 October 2016

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