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Scorpio Man Love



Mr Scorpio has an aura of mystery. Even if he’s average-looking, he usually has a hypnotic quality. You may pick up hints about his strong emotions, but don’t fall into the trap of believing you can be the one who understands him

On the surface Scorpio is super-cool. He won’t kneel at your feet – or try to sweep you off them. But you may be aware of his brooding gaze, or the fact he always seems to be close by, when there’s an opportunity to be alone, or at least have a private chat. You may sense he has feelings for you, but will he do anything about them?  In his own good time he will, but meanwhile he’s in a place he doesn’t want to be – vulnerable. If you’ve aroused his passions then – in his book – you’re ‘one up’ on him. To cope with this he will probably find out as much about you as he can, because knowledge is power. Not that he’s going to use it to compel you to do anything. He doesn’t have anything sinister on his mind. His carefulness can be a measure of how much he cares, but for goodness sake don’t ever confront him with this. If he loves you, jealousy and suspicion are part of his package. Despite the fact he needs empathy and understanding, if you show you realise this he’ll think you’ve blown part of his cover. Then he could close up, or change tack. If you’re wise, keep what you’ve sussed out to yourself! 


  • Knowing as much about you as he can.
  • Proofs that you care for him.
  • Emotional warmth and responsiveness (but he may not give it back!)
  • Loyalty and devotion.


  • Being vulnerable.
  • Anyone knowing too much about him (even you!)
  • Having his jealousy aroused.




His hidden feelings may be forbidden territory, his sexuality is definitely not!  Scorpio may transfer his emotional needs into sexual activity and may be very passionate.
  • Try to find out what turns him on – he’s more forthcoming about this than he is about his emotions.
  • He may like things your granny wouldn’t approve of!
  • Let him know you’re wearing sexy lingerie, without being too obvious.
  • Show a little vulnerability – he likes to feel he’s more powerful.
  • Meet his eyes and smoulder!


ARIES - Both are ardent but Aries may erupt at too much control.
TAURUS - Very sexy – a good mixture although stubbornness could lead to dead-lock.
GEMINI - Gem fickleness could make life hell for you both – keep talking about it.
CANCER - A close, sensuous twosome, as long as you don’t both try too much emotional manipulation.
LEO - You’re both proud – don’t let this spoil what can be a passionate and devoted partnership.
VIRGO - Much depends on how well Virgoan patience holds up in the face of Scorpionic wariness.
LIBRA - Libra soothes, but may be offended when not trusted enough.
SCORPIO - Put your cards on the table – there is so much to unite you.
SAGITTARIUS - Freedom is essential to Sag and that could be a major problem.
CAPRICORN - Her reliability and common sense give Scorpio a sound basis.
AQUARIUS - She’s a bit too detached and she despises suspicion – work at trust.
PISCES - He’s an open book to Pisces and that could make him cruel.  Otherwise a heavenly match.
Of course the astrology of a birth sign can only ever be a background sketch, and any two signs can get along together if they put in the effort, for love isn’t controlled by astrology – it just works through it.  More detailed and exact advice is readily available to you, however.  Monthly horoscopes are there for you.  Get free horoscopes and psychic insight at The Circle.  If you want to know more about yourself or your love-life, call one of our expert readers at The Circle without delay.


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