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Saturn Trine Uranus - Make That Change!


Saturn is the planet of discipline, ambition, and also restriction. Known as the ‘Teacher of the Zodiac’ he often shows you that you need to work hard and he may bring frustration and obstacles. Uranus, on the other hand, is planet of rebellion. Under his influence we all may want to break free, throw caution to the winds and make radical changes that can sometimes cause mayhem.


In some ways these planets are opposites but when they work well together they can make deep, creative shifts that move you onwards in a way that really works. A ‘trine’ aspect means that the energies of the planets flow harmoniously. This will influence you slightly differently, depending on your star sign. Read on to find out how November can be your month to take that next big step.


For some while you’ve been wanting to break away and your restlessness may have caused some problems. You may have been irritable and discontented or you may have done some unwise things. Now you can see your way forwards and the world’s your oyster. Think big, keep your eyes on the outcome and remember that belief in yourself is the most important factor. FOCUS ON travel, expanding your horizons and developing your spirituality.


For some reason you keep getting yourself into awkward situations. It’s as if there’s a devil within you that takes control when you’re not looking. This can cause disruption, but it can also encourage you to be honest with yourself. Stop trying to feel what you think you should feel and start being true to yourself. FOCUS ON really working on yourself. If you’ve been controlled by envy, distrust or any negative feelings they need to go.


Friends may have been quite unpredictable. Sometimes you can be caught up in a whirl of activity, which suits you fine, but at others you may feel let down. To tell the truth you may be unreliable yourself, changing social plans abruptly and wanting to do something a little crazy. Being wild and wacky can amazingly land you into a great relationship. FOCUS ON partnerships of all kinds. You can cement them in resourceful and unusual ways.



Career-wise things have been up and down and you may be considering a complete change. It may have been hard to find the right path, but concentrating on the details and feeling in control of your day-to-day routine now empowers you and you feel you can go forwards. The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step… FOCUS ON sorting everything, from your bag to your workstation and keep everything tidy.




What do you really believe in? You may realise that your spirituality isn’t bringing you a true sense of meaning and you may be searching for something different. Maybe you have been looking too far afield and considering unusual philosophies when the answer may be close by. What are you good at? Expressing yourself will be uplifting. FOCUS ON your creativity and enjoying every moment.




Try as you might, you just can’t seem to get control of your life. Those close to you seem to make unreasonable demands and to have hidden agendas. You may be tempted to try a little manipulation yourself but you’d be far better advised to be straight and reliable where your family are concerned. FOCUS ON security and stability at home, both physically and emotionally.




Your ideas of what you want in friends and partners have been all over the place. You hate to hurt anyone, but how can you help it if your feelings change? Maybe it would be better to detach from emotions for a while and simply engage your brain. Far from making you a cold person it will enable you to be fairer and more in harmony. FOCUS ON getting better educated, finding out facts and debating.




Keeping to a routine and doing all the mundane tasks can become unbearable. What’s the point of the rat-race? You’re bursting to break free but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Those unruly impulses contain nuggets of inspiration that you can develop into productivity. FOCUS ON money-making schemes that require original thinking as well as sustained effort.




Your inner child is longing to come out to play. There’s nothing wrong with having fun but you may be worrying about wasting time. Don’t even think it. Now, if you follow your whims you’ll find they lead you into self-development and a natural self-discipline as you truly find your feet doing what fulfills you. FOCUS ON sustained effort at something you really enjoy and find exciting.




It’s important that you are not now controlled by your self-doubts and insecurities. View your past and your ancestry with fresh eyes. You can break away from your conditioning and re-define yourself. However, it’s important to value your roots for they have made you what you are. FOCUS ON being a force for good in the world, helping others and feeling grateful.




The secret wishes that you’ve kept close to your heart can now be developed, but you will need to find out more facts. This takes courage, because sometimes when a dream becomes real it isn’t quite as you imagined. Be prepared to compromise – it will be worthwhile. FOCUS ON turning fantasy to fact by clarifying, modifying, analyzing and planning.




Finances may be unpredictable but it doesn’t matter because professionally and status-wise you are gaining influence and power. Even if you don’t have a ‘career’ some kind of public success can be yours. Don’t shrink from responsibility. You’re equal to the task and you’ll get a lot out of it. FOCUS ON making an impression, and if you do have a vocation, give it all you’ve got.




During November you can certainly make some creative changes.  For extra hints on how to make the most of your opportunities, call up one of our inspirational Readers for that extra help to set you on your way.


PUBLISHED: 30 November 2017

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