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Falling in Love with a Sagittarius Man


Find out about the Sagittarius man in love and how to attract him…


The Sagittarian man is an unstoppable fireball with his infectious energy, excellent communication skills and social cravings. On first meeting, some may think this guy is slightly shy but this is only because he is assessing his audience, quickly sizing up the characters around him to see what makes them tick and to make sure his approach does not offend anyone. The Sagittarius man needs to be liked and therefore he can be a bit of a people pleaser which coincides well with the fact that he is sociable and wants to know everyone. He is curious in his attitudes and has a thirsty knowledge for culture, history and mysticism. The Sagittarius man is the last of the fire signs in the zodiac but is probably the fieriest of them all.
His in-built need of wanting people to like him, makes him the life and soul of the party…

Sagittarius Man Traits

The Sagittarian man is a ‘what you see – is what you get’ type of guy. He holds no bars in speaking the truth and telling people exactly what he is thinking. He is famously known in the zodiac for foot in mouth disease - clumsy with his words and all too often offending those around him!  The typical positive Sagittarius man traits are fun, charisma, intense, directly spoken, honest, compassionate and caring. The negative Sagittarius man traits may err on the side of selfishness, insensitivity, impatience and lack of tact. However, if he cares about someone, he will usually be the first there to help when they need it. His friends are very important to him and he will always tend to his friendships as much as he will look out his own family. Although the Sagittarius man will resent anyone who has upset him. He may smile and be polite, but he will keep them at arm’s length. His in-built need of wanting people to like him makes him the life and soul of the party – not because he craves to be the centre of attention, but because he seems to be just programmed this way.
He will like to tell you about himself, but he will also want to know about you…

How to Attract a Sagittarius Man?

A Sagittarius man is a fire sign and therefore a very masculine energy. He is attracted to women who have an air of mystery about them. He does not like women who are flamboyant, loud or presumptuous – as they will get all the attention, which could dim his light. He will take his time and look beneath the surface, wanting to get to know someone before he makes his final move. He will like to tell you about himself, but he will also want to know about you. Communication should be easy and conversations should be free flowing as the Sagittarius man opens up once he knows you. If you want to know how to attract a Sagittarius man – just be yourself. He sees through the fakers and the charmers, and if he really thinks there could be some hope for a future together, he will make it clear. The most compatible signs for a Sagittarius man are:
Sagittarius man & Sagittarius woman: These two could either be a match made in heaven, or a complete disaster! Both have a great sense of humour and a positive outlook in life, but they must learn to be calm and kind to each other, or they will be miserable and fight continuously.
Sagittarius man & Leo woman: These two fire signs will discover an initial magnetism between them. Both have the need for adventure and fun in life and will also understand each other’s commitment to home and family. Two fire signs can always be a wild card, so they must learn to communicate with each other to be a success.
Sagittarius man & Cancer woman: Cancer’s sensitive nature and depth entices the Sagittarius man as he wants to know more. Although water and fire are unusual, this relationship can be long-lasting as long as they learn to understand each other’s needs and find balance.
Sagittarius man & Taurus woman: This couple have the same social needs and love to spend time with their friends. They can both be a little controlling, so as long as they don’t try and change each other – they could be a good match.
The Sagittarius man in bed is intense and always aims to please his partner…

The Sagittarius Man in Love

The Sagittarius man can be slow to commit and even capable of walking away easily from a partnership if problems are not resolved. However, as long as both partners are willing to speak up about their wildest dreams and their deepest fears, and are able to listen – he could be there for life. The Sagittarius man in bed is intense and always aims to please his partner. He is romantic, charming and has a good sense of humour, so love-making may not only be passionate but fun. With all his masculinity, he is the alpha male – yet the Sagittarius man in bed does also need tenderness. The Sagittarius man in love is entirely committed in his heart and will openly tell the world without a shadow of embarrassment. As long as he is given space for independence and time with his closest friends, he will be satisfied.



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Published: 01 November 2016

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