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Planets in your horoscope - Pluto
Pluto in the houses

1. House: Strives for power and strength of will. Chameleon-like characters, living outside of standard values. They come across as progressive, with a touch of something magical. Fame is possible, since Pluto has the possibility of affecting many destinies. Strong phases of transformation and development in a lifetime.

2. House: Exceptional business sense, power through money, talented in all financial aspects. Life in abundance, profit through public finances and securities, since Pluto rules Scorpio in the 8th House, which aligns with Taurus in the 2nd House

3. House: Sharp intellect, comprehends the basic laws of life. Often has very particular views, which are openly expressed. Writer, reporter or politician. Adventuresome. Difficulties with siblings, neighbours and colleagues.

4. House: Prefers to stay close to home, sometimes leading to household stress and imbalance. Strong emotional ties to the parents’ home. Psychologists, mystics, those with contemplative character. Interested in nature, ecology and geology.

5. House: Creative energy expressed in ways such as artistic talent, intense love relationships or creative traits passed on to offspring. Substantial profits through speculation and games of chance are possible with good Jupiter-Aspects. Pedagogical capabilities. Abundant joy in living. Strong nature.

6. House: Capable of improving working and career conditions. Selfless servants of mankind such as Mahatma Gandhi. High career goals, pronounced need of freedom. Health plays a major role in life. Secretive healing powers. Many healers have Pluto in the 6th House

7. House: Excellent business partnerships. Intuitive understanding of colleagues and their motivations. Many psychologists, barristers and judges have Pluto in the 7th House. Marriages and private partnerships are often stressful, since they can often lead to struggles and crises.

8. House: Very secretive influence, since Pluto is in its own house. Strong influences on mankind and people in general. Good business sense, strong connection to the subconscious. Capable of looking inward. Great interest for the transcendental. Intuitive and analytical capabilities.

9. House: Strives for recognition. Religious. Great desire to travel. View of life turned into career, with such careers as priest, astrologist, healer and yogi. Pluto in the 9th House always has a factor of instability and dependency.

10. House: Strong, successful, self-asserting. Strong will, hungry for power. Strong effect on mankind. Orator, Industrialist. A good position for people who are involved with politics or public activities.

11. House: General love for humanity. Sincere and faithful friendships. Well-connected with friends and groups.

12. House: Strongly developed subconscious. Interests for psychology, occult, and mysticism. Loves puzzles. Deep feelings, soothsayer capabilities. Success in social careers. Often feels lonely and abandoned due to Pluto’s position.

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