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Planets in your horoscope - Pluto
Pluto Gives You Power and Magic

Pluto is a higher octave of Mars, giving us the power and strength to pull though and to change things. With Pluto’s help, we can enter the depths and discover and recognise the basic connections between things. Pluto’s Strength lies in magic, be it black or white.

Pluto was a god in ancient Rome, wandering the earth making mischief disguised in a magic hood. After Jupiter dethroned Saturn, Pluto was granted power over the underworld. Since no woman wished to accompany him into the kingdom of darkness, Pluto kidnapped Proserpina. In Greek Myth, Plutos is also the god of the riches that come from the earth. As the son of Demeter, he represents grain supplies, treasures from the earth, and the germination of plants.

Pluto stands for comprehensive transformations stemming from deeper truths, but also for power and powerlessness, since he comes from the dark kingdom in the depths. His goal is the recognition that nothing in life can remain as it is: Every beginning and every birth has its end and rebirth within itself.

Pluto embodies therefore the ancient feminine principle, which is fruitful, creative and healing as well as dark, brutal, sadistic, destructive and deadly. At the same time, Pluto gives creative potential, intense strength and a nearly insurmountable will. He is not afraid to look into the deepest abyss.
Archetype: magician, shaman.
Dark side: black magician.
Bodily domain: sex organs, regeneration potential, healing strength, inherited disease, amputation, organ replacement.
Precious stone: ruby.
Colour: deep red.
Metal: iron, steel. Bearers of the Pluto principle: analysts, researchers, dictators, scientists, speculators, violent criminals, demagogues, hypnotists, occultists.
Ruling Star Sign: Scorpio.

Astrological Meaning
Pluto was discovered on the 21st of January 1930 by Percival Lowell. By 2006, with changes in the official scientific definition of “planet,” Pluto was demoted to “dwarf planet” status, but this has not diminished its use or meaning in astrology.

Pluto’s path through the zodiac lasts 248 years, with an average of 21 years in each star sign. Due to its irregular orbit, this average can vary from 11 to 30 years. Pluto’s placement in a horoscope can define an entire generation born in that time period. For individual meaning, it must be interpreted with regard to its placement in the Houses and the individual Star Sign.

Often Pluto can bring chemical and sexual dependencies, obsessiveness and soulful entanglements. Everything that has the character of mass involvements such as demonstrations, wars, catastrophes, epidemics, huge accidents and mass psychoses, has the character of Pluto.

Evil figures such as Adolf Hitler had a strong Pluto in his horoscope, but then so did Mahatma Gandhi and many great Yogis. The violent strength of Pluto can also be used for introspection and spiritual journeys. In no other planet do good and evil lie so near to each other and come so clearly to expression.

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