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Planets in your horoscope - Uranus
Uranus Gives You Intuition

Uranus destroys in order to create anew. He makes our lives topsy-turvy, as developments connected with Uranus come suddenly and by surprise. Since Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, he mixes our thoughts and feelings, giving us both brainstorms and a “seventh sense.”

Uranus is the heavenly representation of an ancient god. He sired, with his mother Gaia, the Titans and the Cyclops. He concealed all of his children in the earth, and was emasculated by his son Cronus. Aphrodite rose from the semen of Uranus’s severed genitals, which had fallen into the sea. Uranus typifies the masculine elements of the world.

Uranus represents the ideals of the French Revolution: liberty, equality and fraternity. As a symbol of spiritual fertility and creative ideas, he embodies originality in mankind and our striving for independence. Uranus is the great liberator, in that he encourages our unconventionality and desire to experiment. Old forms are overcome and restrictions dissolved.

Astrological Meaning
The planet Uranus was discovered in 1781 by Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel. Its passage through the zodiac lasts 84 years, remaining an average of seven years in each sign. Its placement in a horoscope tells something about the values that a generation places on freedom.

The individual effect of Uranus on a horoscope depends upon its placement in the houses and its aspects to the planets. An ideal Uranus placement in a horoscope can make one progressive, idealistic and wilful. This person wants to transgress borders and barriers and discover new territories.

The symbol of Uranus, a circle with a dot in the centre and a vertically extended arrow, express this strength. Inventors, creative thinkers and social workers work within the distinctive realm of Uranus. This can also mean controversy, since Uranus in a critical constellation can make one volatile, unreliable and chaotic. Uranus people are live wires, and sometimes incapable of dealing with the banal problems of day-to-day life. They are the voice of opposition, constantly crying for reform and change. Their resistance to unity is nearly compulsive.

To live under Uranus is to wander between ingenuity and total collapse. Uranus finds an ideal home in the sign Aquarius.

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