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Planets in your horoscope - Neptune
Neptune in the 12 houses

1. House:  It is only here that Neptune brings his best aspects: invention, originality, healing powers, artistic creativity, genius and soulful sensitivity. This works especially with Cancer, Libra and Pisces. A Neptune in Venus or Jupiter can give somebody a celestial and secretive powers.


2. House: The source of income is often through fluids, gases, music, perfume, cosmetics, pharmaceutical developments or chemicals. With Neptune in a positive Sun-aspect, there is the possibility of great financial fortune

3. House: Universal thinker, occult interests, rich imagination, intuitive sensibility and religious tendencies. If the Sun and Moon aspects are good, then philosophical abilities, soothsaying and gifts as a spiritual medium.

4. House: These people are often world citizens, at home everywhere and nowhere. They tend to emigrate. Domesticity can also bring inner spiritual evolution, however.

5. House: Secret passions, strong sensuality, refined erotic sense, great pleasure and enjoyment, often musical talent.

6. House: Great interest in the healing arts and psychology, but also often unclear work relationships, hypochondria and lack of interest in work.

7. House: Unusual relationships in love and marriage. Often unusual erotic inclinations of the love partner. Platonic tendencies.

8. House: Inherits well, peaceful last years of life. Active and unique dream life. Fantasies and intuition are highly developed, but difficult to control.

9. House: Soothsaying abilities, strong sensibilities and gifted as spiritual medium. Spiritual and emotional life based on the transcendental and less on the practical. Very impressionable, sensitive but easily influenced. Visions, ideas and universal view of the world. Strong desire to travel and see that which is distant.

10. House: Unusual and very successful career. Artist. With good aspects fame and honour, often through selfless acts of heroism.

11. House: Very idealistic. High spiritual goals and abilities. Search for ideal soul mate, but also bitter disappointment in friendships.

12. House: Profits through own business activities that are developed confidentially. Great artistic talents in literature for Gemini, Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn, and in dance and theatre for Leo.

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