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Planets in your horoscope - Neptune
Neptune dissolves all boundaries

Neptune represents the cosmic antennae that feel out the transcendental and spiritual essence for us. This allows us to divine hidden meanings and intuit developments in advance. With Neptune’s help, we overcome our “normal” consciousness and connect with higher powers, which direct and protect us.



In ancient times Neptune was the Roman god of flowing water. As of the 3rd century B.C. he was identified with the Greek god Poseidon, and thus responsible for the seas and earthquakes. Saturn is his father and Jupiter and Pluto his brothers. He is represented by a trident. 

The planet Neptune was discovered in1846 by Johann Gottfried Galle. Neptune was presented as the “higher octave of Venus because he transforms earthly physical love into a spiritual, platonic love. In the purest form, Neptune is the highest love of all: godly. He stands in close connection to the all-encompassing love for mankind of early Christianity. Wherever he surfaces, he generates compassion and sympathy. Neptune also has a strong connection to the arts and faith. Thanks to his powerful imagination we can enter into our fantasy worlds. His physiological attributes are the pineal glands, the "third eye", the solar plexus, the aura, slackness and paralysis.

Precious stones:  topaz, opal.  
Colours:  Sea-blue, violet.  
Metal: platinum. Archetype: mystic, seer, martyr.
Dark side: oddball, alcoholic.  
Bearers of the Neptune principle:  Artists, actors, musicians, priests, preachers, mystics, occultists, chemists, nurses, homeopaths, psychologists, trend-analysts, prognosticators, addicts, degenerates, the disoriented, cheats and criminals.  

Astrological Meaning
Neptune's passage through the zodiac lasts 165 years, and he spends an average of 14 years in any given star sign. His place in the horoscope says something about the generation that came into the world during this time period. The individual meaning that Neptune gives to a horoscope depends upon his placement in the houses and his aspect in regards to the planetary placements of the individual.

Neptune symbolises all things that are hidden or will become hidden, and developments of which we would never have dreamt, in the good and bad sense. His themes are dispersal, dream, vision and idealisation — but also derailment, intemperance and weakness. People with a critical Neptune often have lofty plans that are never realised or not followed through. They live on pipe dreams and illusions. On the other hand, a refined Neptune can set a great spiritual development into gear. Neptune always has a succinct place in the horoscopes of social outcasts and artists: He is a gift from heaven, but also a grave danger! Those who wish to become gods will be confronted with much confusion and disappointment, before they find clarity.

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