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The planets in your horoscope - Mercury
Mercury in the 12 Houses

1. House: This highly advantageous Mercury position brings good spiritual and intellectual abilities and quick powers of apprehension. This person is agile, outgoing, inquisitive and eloquent, always seeking new impressions and accomplishing this through speech, writing or practical and technical capabilities.

2. House: Defines and secures own person and moneymaking with words and writing. Success and profits through scientific studies, teaching, writing and trade.

3. House: Many small travels, new experiences and profits from an active, quick spirit: talkative, erudite and talented. People with Mercury in this house love the study of mathematics, natural science, and language. They are often self-taught and have a natural talent for science.

4. House: Success with business that is connected to the community. Intellectual interest in the spiritual realms. Brilliant spiritual capability into old age. Career training at home, though often changes domicile

5. House: Luck in speculation, loves games and the pursuit of pleasure. Thinking strongly influence by the emotions, aptitude for teaching or occupation in entertainment industries. Love for spiritual work.

6. House: Intellectual interests, tendencies toward medicine and the healing arts. Occupations in nutritional sciences, trustful and competent employee. Shows feelings through discussion and literary interests

7. House: Mercury reveals itself by projection from relationships: One chooses a love partner who is a good speaker, and learns self-expression in the relationship. Author or writer, extensive sphere of influence, diverse relationships, smart, intellectual partner in relationship.

8. House: Study and occupation related to the occult, secret teachings, and death. Good powers of comprehension, capabilities as a business leader, eventual inheritance. Intellectual acquirer of concepts and ideologies.

9. House: Intellectual development through further education, discussions in the relationship. Learns to express oneself through travel, ideology, philosophy and religion. Good spiritual capabilities, strong intuitions. Quick decision-making

10. House: Public or high-ranking position. Highly ambitious in speech and writing, intellectual grasp of norms and standards. Sharp intellect, active spirit, competent in business, talented speaker, often multiple careers simultaneously. Intellectual aptitude for emancipation and reform movements.

11. House: Younger and intellectual friendships, helpful relationships, diverse social contacts, develops friendships for practical considerations. Intellectual grasp of emancipation and reform movements.

12. House: Intellectual grasp of causes behind-the –scenes and causes and transcendence. Tendency for the occult and mysticism. Good intuition and imagination. Beware of intrigues!

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