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The planets in your horoscope - Jupiter
Astral Primal Jupiter brings you luck!

Jupiter represents your trust in life, your belief in its sense, for the ideals and values of mankind. He stands, furthermore, for all powers of growth that provide nurturing and prosperity, especially the development of personality and the expanding of horizons. Everything that Jupiter touches in the horoscope becomes enriched.



Jupiter was the supreme god of the Romans, husband of Juno and father of all the gods and goddesses. In addition, he was the god of thunder and lightning, but also the protector of mankind, bringer of victory, custodian of rights, freedom, morality and order. He was considered all knowing and was well favoured by the populace. In later times he was associated with the Greek god Zeus, despite the differences between the two. Zeus abandoned Olympus to join the mortals in order to experience love, something that Jupiter never did. His highest sanctuary was in the Roman Capitol.

People who have strong Jupiter attributes are recognisable through their confident and optimistic carriage in life. They live in order to give and help others. Despite possible bad experiences they try to look on the bright side. Jupiter rewards these people with many lucky coincidences, and in moments of need he extends his helping hand. Jupiter is thus the embodiment of wisdom and faith as well as the enabler in the spiritual and material realms.

Bodily analogy associated with Jupiter: blood, liver, nourishment, loins, thighs, lungs and fatty tissues.

  • His day is Thursday (compare the French "jeudi," literally "Jupiter-day")
  • Precious stones: amethyst, lapis lazuli
  • Colour: blue
  • Metal: tin
  • Archetype: high priest, missionary
  • Dark side: Pharisees, prigs, the self-righteous
  • Period of time in the Zodiac: 12 years
  • Carriers of the Jupiter principle: educated people and role models, teachers, priests, prophets, philosophers, poets, scholars, jurists, arbitrators, athletes, doctors, healers, adventurers, world-travellers, patron
  • In the horoscope Jupiter represents the head of the family

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