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The planets in your horoscope - Venus
Venus in the 12 houses

1. House: A well-placed Venus in this house makes one attractive, nice, lovable, open and adorable. Notable is a tendency for a beautiful body, a friendly face, politeness and a marked interest in painting, acting, poetry, music, dance and singing. These people are well-loved everywhere and very people-friendly. They achieve this through beauty, elegance, harmony and an erotic radiance.

2. House: Great material success, even riches. Money flows easily through their fingers, but is easily gotten. They are always finding new sources of income. In the horoscope of a woman this reveals a large financial outlay for jewellery and luxury. In that of a man, it means large expenditures for a sophisticated woman.

3. House: Thoroughly clear, an optimistic sensibility, inborn cheerfulness, humour, life-affirming approach, enjoys small excursions and escapes, comfortable daily life, good relations with siblings, a sense for art, music and literature. Their person makes an elegant impression, often through photographs and film. One speaks and writes in a harmonious and distinguished manner. Mostly fashionably attired.

4. House: Comfortable domestic relationships, especially in older age. A developed sense of domesticity, beautiful and tasteful interiors, good relations with the parents, a love of one’s habitat, enjoys flowers and birds, success as gardener and breeder, occupations with art and spiritual pursuits well into old age. Interest for interior design.

5. House: Power-seeking and very passionate, lucky in love and with children, large number of children. Tendencies towards games and society, enjoys beautiful things, a sense for art, lucky coincidences and success in speculation. Beauty, aesthetics and creativity. An erotic flair in sexuality.

6. House: Mostly relatively good health, conscious about nutrition, enjoys large meals. Harmonious expression of feelings, erotic and loving. Works for the beauty principle in fields such as cosmetics or perfumes. Loves to work.

7. House: Early marriage, happy and long-term relationships. Financial well-being through marriage or business partnership, lucky in legal matters, good public contacts, social presence and popularity. A love for own ideas. Regular contact with Libras, those with Venus in the first House and with a strong planetary presence in the seventh House.

8. House: Financial gains through marriage, business partnerships or inheritance. Artistic capability, strong sexual drive, good financial management. A love for concepts and one’s own spiritual capabilities.

9. House: Successful, beautiful and long travels, close connections or contacts abroad and with foreigners. Art studies, deep soulful sensibility, helpful, giving, fair and sympathetic character, genuinely religious. Love of one’s own point of view.

10. House: Career and advancement opportunities are taken to full advantage. With men: progress and protection through highly-placed women, good relations with the parents, significant mother, success and recognition in artistic careers. Financial gain through hard work. Love of career.

11. House: Life enrichment through genuine and good friendships, especially with the female gender. Wish-fulfilment. Enjoys lots of contacts, many good and meaningful relationships. Friendly appearance, diplomatic skills, big goals, happy in associations and societies. Harmonious, friendly relationship with the love partner. Enjoys freedom.

12. House: Social leader, success and happiness in closed societies such as hospitals and prisons and similar institutions. Liable to mysticism, redemption and sacrifice. Tendencies for secret passions, unusual loves, suppressed spiritual and erotic quirks.

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