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The planets in your horoscope - Venus
Venus in the signs

Astrological Meaning
Together with the moon, Aphrodite represents the female principle, in that she embodies the young woman, the loved one, and the independent woman. In a woman’s horoscope, Aphrodite will often represent the self-image, whereas in a man’s she symbolises the Animus, and therewith the central aspects of the man’s feminine side and his ideal search for companionship. If Venus is in Aries, for example, the man will be attracted to Aries women, or women who have Aries qualities.

Venus in the Signs
If Venus has an incisive place in the horoscope reading, it means a strong attraction to the opposite sex, pleasure, and the search for sensual release. A critical Venus can bring unhappiness and a tendency for exaggerated pleasures. As opposed to Mars, Venus seeks that which brings together. She emphasises community and basic agreement. If she is attacked, her inner harmony is disturbed.

Sign positve points negative points
Aries enflamed passions, love at first glance excessive passions
Taurus natural sensuality, art lover gluttonous, jealous
Gemini graceful, poetic, fits in easily flighty, exaggerated,
Cancer devoted, very social, not duty-bound lost in dreams,
Leo very strong sensuality overly prideful, vain,
Virgo chaste, loves literature brittle, old-maidish
Libra refined erotic taste, loves art, music and painting vain, biased, wasteful
Scorpio strongly sensual and erotic perverse drives, sexually
Sagittarius noble feelings, good taste, refined nature carelessness, overly
Capricorn deep-feeling, faithful jealous, mistrustful,
Aquarius quickly impassioned, many friendships sudden cold feelings
Pisces enthusiastically erotic, all-loving addictive, worrisome

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