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The planets in your horoscope - Venus
Venus Reveals Your Temperament

The position of Venus reveals a person’s vitality, their erotic attraction, their ability to enjoy, give of themselves, and to love. As the embodiment of erotic it means temptation, ability to commit, desire, wish for togetherness, unity, and germination. It also stands for aesthetic sensibility, on the one hand for artistic interests and talents, and on the other hand for tastes and sensual enjoyment, which we realise through our senses of hearing, smell, feel, taste and sight. Venus has a 225-day cycle through the zodiac, with an average of 19 days in each astrological sign.

Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty and sensual desires in the mythology of the ancient Greeks. She was originally responsible for growing and development, and only later became the Goddess of Love which is found in all religions: In Roman mythology she is Venus, in Egyptian Hathor, and in Germanic the goddess Freya. According to the Greek poet Hesiod she is the daughter of Uranos, who cut off his son Kronos’ sexual organs and threw them into the sea. The semen mixed with the water, and Aphrodite arose out of the foam and landed on Cyprus. This myth is the basis for her nickname as the "sea-born" Goddess. The legends have it that she unleashed the Trojan War when she convinced Paris to kidnap Helen. Aphrodite is often symbolised by doves, sparrows, and turtles. She is the goddess of flowers, trees, fruit, and especially myrtle, roses, anemones, cypress, limes and apples. Her irresistible charm is due to her magic belt. One of her central places was the city of Paphos in Cyprus. The Temple of Aphrodite in Paphos was later refashioned into a Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary, where the Mother of God is still honoured as the “Panhagia Aphroditessa.”

Venus is the embodiment of personal taste, the erotic, and the senses. She is Archetype: the muse, the lovers, the beauties

  • Dark side: Persephone, femme fatale, whore
  • Bodily analogy: responsible for the physical functions of balance, mucous membranes, veins, kidneys, internal sexual organs, sweat glands and erogenous zones
  • Her day is Friday, which is connected to the Germanic Goddess of Love Freya — the French word for Friday “vendredi” means “Venus day.”
  • Gemstones: rose quartz and blue sapphire.
  • Colours: pink, green
  • Metal: copper.
  • She is most closely related to Taurus and Libra in the zodiac, which are her ruling signs.
  • Carriers of the Venus principle: all people who bear beauty or love into the world; painters, sculptors, poets, actors, writers, musicians, designers and architects.

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