The planets in your horoscope - Saturn
Saturn in the 12 Houses

1. House: Persistent, thoughtful, patient, thrifty. Melancholy, reclusive temperament, slow-moving, serious appearance.

2. House: Money only from tenacity and hard work. Strongly developed business sense. Profit and success in trade, farming, estates, property, building, minerals and antiques.

3. House: Deep thinking, spiritual occupation, great reserves of concentration, patience and methodical thinking. Taciturn, uncommunicative, distrustful and very cautious.

4. House: Property and land ownership, business success, inheritance. But also needing love and affection. Ripe for spiritual activities such as meditation and yoga.

5. House: Steadfast, faithful. Little care for pleasure and steamy passion. Fateful search for true love. One must learn what it means to love.

6. House: Good work strength, carefulness, correctness, developed sense of duty. Responsible employee, but otherwise poor workplace relationships.

7. House: Serious, honourable, smart and hard-working spouse. Steadfast love, sense of marriage duties. Often married later in life, often a large age difference in relationship.

8. House: Sexual repressions, careful in business, traditional, strong life energy. Healthy and spiritually fresh into old age. Strong interest in the occult.

9. House: Serious, thoughtful, especially in matters of worldview and beliefs, religious meanings, spiritual studies. Strong concentration capabilities. Tendencies towards emigration.

10. House: A very meaningful Saturn position, which strongly influences the career. Perseverance, hard work, ambition and self-confidence lead to great success, often fame. This rise may still require hard struggle and work.

11. House: Little faith, weak but dependable friends who are mostly older and give support to a modest extent.

12. House: Great love of solitude, quiet occupations in seclusion. Strong resistance to all adversity; overcomes difficulties through discipline.

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