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The planets in your horoscope - Saturn
Saturn - The Guardian of the Gates

Saturn is often unjustly seen as harbinger of bad fortune. He is the principle of earthly friction, the weight and the mass. He has a lot to do with our karma. Under his influence we constantly repeat the same mistakes, encounter the same difficulties and suffer the same destiny — until we are finally prepared to straighten out our life.

Saturn was a Roman god identified in antiquity with the Greek god Cronus (or Kronos), and primarily responsible for agriculture. The Roman state treasury was stored in his temple. His main festival, the “Saturnalia,” takes place in December. Saturn is the Lord of Time and the Keeper of the Gates. He stands between life and death, between Time and Eternity. His domain is Elysium, and he rules the Golden Age.

Saturn stands for structure, festivities and restrictions, and therefore foothold, stability, long-term fortune and consequence. He symbolises the limits of man’s fortunes, but also the uncomfortable limits that he experiences in not attaining his desires. Saturn is the Lord of Time, and bears the concern of bringing everything to resolution. As such, he stands for all separations and partings. As the Lord of Silence he stands for seclusion, which can mean painful loneliness on the one hand, or inner collected silence on the other. His period of revolution is 29 years, spending on average two years in each star sign.

  • Archetype: The wise, old man; the hermit.
  • Dark Side: the embittered, the antagonist.
  • Bodily analogy: the skeleton, the marrow, calcium, teeth, connective tissue, spleen, ears and knees.
  • His day, as his name implies, is Saturday.
  • Precious Stone: Onyx, black pearls, sapphire.
  • Colour: Black, dark blue, dark grey and dark brown.
  • Metal: Lead.
  • Representatives of the Saturn Principle: Philosophers, monks, ancestors, lawgivers, protectors of public order, judges, critics, disciplinarians, mentors, sculptors, architects and builders.

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