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The planets in your horoscope - Mars
Mars in the 12 houses

1. House: An exceedingly strong Mars placement, which means courageous, self-assertive, strong-willed, and disciplined. Good health due to incredibly strong vigour and vitality. Enormous physical strength, strong sex drive, open, reacts spontaneously, likes a good fight. A born leader.

2. House:
Highly acquisitive. Money is quickly earned, but just as quickly spent. Wealthy from working hard. Protects own interests. Capable of making a profit in any situation. Extraordinary generosity.

3. House: Conversational, a well-developed intellect, which thinks logically, sharply, and clearly. Energetic expression in word and writing, expresses well own point-of-view. Energies are used to record and pass on information.

4. House: Good health into old age, secure retirement, energy for home and family, strongly independent, individualist bearing, family disputes.

5. House: Energies used for building up a private enterprise or for pedagogic purposes. Qualities for teaching, leading and setting an example for younger people, enjoys the company of children. Tendency for betting, games, and speculation. Strong sexual disposition. Lucky in love.

6. House: Strong pressure to achieve in the workplace. Lets off steam at work, incredible economic potential. Fights way to the top in career, strict with own employees.

7. House: Active, with successful marriage. Often marries young. Aggressive thinker. Quarrels in encounters and partnerships. Divorcees and separations. Prefers an energetic spouse, often Aries or people with a strong first house. Breaks with business partners and co-owners, many open enemies, defeats in the courtroom, in danger of a violent death.

8. House: Wealth through marriage, inheritance, and partnerships. Strong will, powered by subconscious impulses. Strong sex drive. Secret desires. Energies used in the spiritual domain and for the strengthening of relationships.

9. House: World-view formed by energetic prestige. Travel and development. Strong engagement with regard to opinions or religion.

10. House: Greatly ambitious, formidable workplace success and huge career. Often a career with the symbols of Mars such as knives (butcher, surgeon), weapons (soldier, police, cowboy) or athlete (professional athlete or coach). Private life is neglected.

11. House: Energies used for emancipation and liberation. Takes advantage of unusual offers, quickly reacts to new opportunities. Energetic friends. Great hopes, wishes, and goals

12. House: Lethargic. Attacks in ambush, repressed masculinity, perverse drives. Tendency for neuroses and psychoses, secret burdens and criminal energy. Often works in closed establishments in such occupations as doctor, monk, animal trainer, veterinarian, psychologist, nurse or night watchman. In the feminine horoscope secret affairs likely.

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