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The planets in your horoscope - Mars
Mars symbolises the strength of the will and the desire for conquest

The goal of Mars’ strength is to assist mankind in the development of their core nature, and to protect and defend from the encroachments of others. Mars provides the strength that people need in order to win, achieve and maintain privilege, and to be number one. A further goal is sexual satisfaction. The rotation of Mars within the Astrological circle lasts 687 days. On average, Mars dwells in any given Astrological sign for two months.

Mars was a god in ancient Italy, and especially in ancient Rome. He was later identified with the Greek God Ares, though in contrast was far more prominent—next to Jupiter, he was the most important Roman god. In Roman legend, he was the father of Romulus and Remus, the founders of the city. The month of March, which for a long time was the first month of the Roman calendar, was named after Mars. As with Ares, Mars was the god of war. Details of the Mars cult reveal, however, that he was also connected with the thriving of vegetation. Originally Mars was worshipped in the Campius Martius (Mars Field), just outside of Rome. Caesar Augustus built his own temple to Mars (the Mars Ultor) in the Roman Forum. Mars symbolised revenge, and his placement in the Forum was meant to be a warning to the murderers of Julius Caesar.

Mars embodies will and drive. In the feminine horoscope it symbolises the loved one. Physiologically, Mars represents the head, muscles, arteries, blood, male sexual organs and the heat balance of the body.

  • Mars’ Day: Tuesday
  • Precious Stone: Hematite
  • Metal: Iron
  • Colour: Red
  • Archtype: Hero, Conqueror
  • Dark Side: Violent, Destroyer
  • Representatives of the Mars principle: All pioneers, conquerors, risk-taking entrepreneurs, leaders, adventurers, soldiers, police, and athletes. And also all those who live by the knife, from butchers to knife-throwers to surgeons. But this too includes the unthinking destroyers, fanatics, egotists and tyrants as well as their sycophants. Of all the signs of the zodiac, Mars makes Aries in particular his own domain. Mars is the second ruler of Scorpio, the first being Pluto, but he can unleash his maximum powers here as well. The symbol of Mars is the same as that of the male, a circle with an arrow pointed up and to the right. It is the sign of something being cast out.

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