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The planets in your horoscope - The moon
The Moon in the 12 Houses

1st House: assertion and perception, emotion, tenderness, nature, femininity, motherliness, children, usually a feminine, soft sort of person.

2nd House: self-protection through motherliness, through children and the home; income through tenancy, leasing, real estate operations.

3rd House:
intuitive ascertainment and development of natural surroundings; changing domiciles, frequent overnight stays in guesthouses, inns, hotels. Identification with technology; a gift for languages.

4th House: strong sense of identification with the home, homeland and family; strong urge for security and spiritual warmth. Interest in poetry; heavy preoccupation with own feelings.

5th House: spiritual warmth in sexuality and aversion to children; identification with own undertakings; deals emotionally; experiences self-confidence through the act of giving, affectionateness and spiritual love. Strong urge to cuddle, caress and kiss. Enjoys going out to eat and going dancing. Self-identification through own activities or creative expression.

6th House: intuitive adaptation, identification with own work, tendency towards masochism. Self-identity through psychoanalysis, medicine, illness and work; women usually take on traditional female role.

7th House: experiences own moon disposition in social encounters and relationship, has to learn to feel through the partner, frequent contact with people born in the sign of Cancer, with women, children, psychologists, alternative practitioners; empathy with others.

8th House: usually the child of a dominant mother. Deep-seated in the imagination are terms like nature, woman, nourishment, home, domicile, psychology, emotion, tenderness, music. Partner usually has own flat or is homeowner because the 8th house also symbolised the 2nd house of the partner.

9th House: affectionate or shared intimate expression, emotional grip of the spiritual world, nourishment or nature usually play a major role in the horoscope holder’s view of the world.

10th House: strives for emotional recognition; motherliness, soulfulness, affectionateness, gift of emotional security, often has social occupation or profession related to nourishment, clothing and domicile; nature as a benchmark, popularity.

11th House: identification with the extraordinary, with reforms and emancipation. In the male horoscope: woman is usually independent or wants to liberate herself to develop her personality.

12th House: repressed feelings, loneliness, permanent dreaming, tuned into background details, social awareness towards the sick, poor, rejected, addicted and spiritually chaotic.

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