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The planets in your horoscope - The moon
Moon Signs

Astrological Relevance
All individuals have both the sun and the moon in their horoscope, in which both masculine and female powers are united. The influence of the sun, mental-activeness, is especially predominant in the case of males; for women the moon is dominant, spiritual-passivity. Women can therefore often identify better with the zodiac sign their moon is in than with their sun sign. It generally signifies human nature, the world of emotion, subconsciousness, and instinctive reactions. The position of the moon shows what direction a person is pushing forward, what he or she will spontaneously be keen on, and what is instinctively loathed and avoided. Congruent with the moon’s character, this basically means that unstable or variable aspects come and go at their respective times. In addition, the moon represents interpersonal skills and the desire for intimacy and a feeling of security, for the home, the way of living at home, cultural bonds, memories, and the need for emotional security.

Moon Signs
The position of the moon indicates the child in a person, his or her difficult learning tasks, and the inner mother image. In a female horoscope, the moon describes the mature woman’s self-perception; in a male horoscope on the other hand, it refers to a man’s inner femininity and his search within his relationship.

Sign positve points negative points
Aries lively anxious, power-hungry, obstinate
Taurus love of music, sensual, sympathetic conservative, dogmatic, sybaritic
Gemini wanderlust, imitative instinct gossipy, ambivalent
Cancer culturally bonded, sensitive fickleness
Leo caring, head of family egocentric
Virgo reserved, thirst for knowledge meticulous
Libra sociable, love of fine arts avoids family disputes, unreliable
Scorpion erotic attraction vain, indiscrete, sarcastic, jealous
Sagittarius seeks better lifestyle, love of nature tendency towards self-deception
Capricorn frugal, serious, self-disciplined timid, stingy, inhibited instincts
Aquarius industrious, sociable, imaginative forges too many plans that can’t be carried out
Pisces dreamer, compassionate, empathetic lazy, careless, seducible


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