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The planets in your horoscope - The moon
The Moon's Influence on Your Feelings

Nothing would be possible without the moon. Our existence in everyday life depends on it. The moon particularly has a lot to do with cooking, cleaning, shopping and childcare. Typically underestimated, work like this makes up the fundamental basis of our daily life. On average, the moon stays in a zodiac sign for roughly 2 days. Its period of rotation through the entire zodiac is 27 days.

The moon is the source of being for all the physical things we are able to observe everyday in our natural surroundings. If the moon is waxing, the earth’s stream of life incrementally increases until it peaks during the full moon. This has very positive effects on natural growth cycles, as well as on our own activities. It is a phase in which plans are carried out and put into action. In contrast, the waning moon draws all forces to its core and inhibits nearly all growth during the new moon. In such, our space for personal development is confined during this time. In mythology, the moon is symbolised by the triune goddess as an expression of life cycles. Artemis (Greek), Diana (Roman) and the virgin all stand for growth. Selene (Greek), Luna (Roman) and the woman in general stand for maturity. Hekate (Greek), Hecate (Roman) and the old symbolise decay.

The moon embodies the principle of the female spirit. It stands for motherly femininity in which the mother and typical childhood experiences are reflected. In men’s horoscopes, it primarily symbolises the female partner. In terms of the human body, the stomach, uterus, lymph glands, female breasts, fluid balance and autonomic nervous system are associated with the moon. Its weekday is Monday. Precious stones: moonstone and pearls. Colours: white and silver. Metal: silver. Archetype: mother, child. Downside: an insatiable monster. Typical representatives of the moon principle: doctors, healers, nurses, pastors, therapists, writers, circus performers, theatre actors. It has its strongest influence in the zodiac sign of Cancer, its own domain.

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