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The planets in your horoscope - The sun
The sun rules your life

The sun is the most powerful of all the planets. It is the pole around which everything revolves and on which every living thing depends. The sun’s period of rotation through the entire zodiac is one year. On average, it stays in each sign for one month.



The sun, the radiant divinity of daylight, was equated with Apollo in Greek mythology. He is depicted as a golden youth with a majestic and serious countenance who is armed with a bow and arrow or a lyre. As the son of Jupiter, he symbolises light and truth. Only the virtuous could meet his glance, as he penetrated the innermost depths of the world and the human soul. Apollo is also the god of prophecy. Only once did he incur the godly wrath of his father when he killed the Cyclops, the divine armourers of Olympus. Jupiter sentenced him to one year of hard labour, which Apollo endured with great humility. This lessen was useful because after being punished, he prophesised the ideal of moderation in all things. He became the apostle of the virtues “know thyself” and “nothing in excess”, two expressions inscribed on his temple in Greece.



The sun embodies the principle of the masculine. In female horoscopes, it alludes to the male partner. In terms of the human body, the heart is associated with the sun. Its weekday is the Sunday. Precious stones: diamond, bloodstone, sunstone. Metal: gold. Colours: golden yellow, orange, gold. Archetype: hero, father, king. Downfalls: high-handedness, delusions of grandeur. The sun is represented as a circle with a dot, thus symbolising the ego. Native sign: Leo.


Astrological Relevance

The position of the sun on the day of birth indicates the zodiac sign under which one is born. It is a pivotal point in every horoscope, as it touches a great deal upon the innermost core of every human being. The sun stands for the ego, the spirit, activity and vitality. At the same time, it symbolises individual pursuit, drives us to experience pleasure in the environment and sustain our own life in our habitat. It allows us to exert influence and develop our personalities.


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