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Pisces Zodiac: Pisces Horoscope and Profile


Empathetic, generous and often emotional, the genuine nature of those born under the Pisces sign can make them great to be around. But there are always two sides to every sign and Pisces are no exception. Let’s take a closer look at what is a Pisces and what makes them tick.


Western Zodiac - Pisces


Dates to Remember


As the 12th sign of the Zodiac, Pisces’ dates span the period from February 19 to March 20. Along with Cancer and Scorpio, Pisces is one of the three water signs.


Pisces Personality Traits


If you meet someone who is naturally easygoing, warm and gentle, the chances are they are a Pisces. They come across as good listeners who want to understand and empathise with you. And they enjoy wandering into emotional areas where others may fear to tread. If you feel like you need someone to talk to, call up a Pisces friend, the chances are they will make you feel better straight away.


This ability to open up emotionally has led many to believe Pisceans are the most spiritual of the signs. The fact they are the last sign in the zodiac also adds weight to this. They may also excel at creative pursuits such as music and art. However, being spiritual, creative and emotional is not conducive to all areas of life, and those born under the Pisces sign may lack some of the traits needed to tackle some of the more mundane tasks expected of them.


That’s not to say Pisceans cannot be strong leaders or successful in business. Former Apple CEO and founder Steve Jobs’ creativity enabled him to build the most valuable company in the world. And many other Pisceans have risen to the top of their fields.


The Pisces personality is a faithful one. They will trust you to tell the truth and not to divulge any confidential information they tell you. And if you break that trust, they will feel devastated, but almost certainly forgive you. Theses Pisces traits of trusting and believing others can lead to them becoming victims or being taken advantage of. The Pisces personality needs to be handled with care.


The Pisces Symbol and Meaning


The Pisces zodiac is represented by two fish. It is thought the symbol is derived from the sea creatures known as the ichthyocentaurs (or sea-centaurs) which appear in Greek mythology. When Aphrodite was born off the coast of Cythera, two sea-centaurs named Aphros and Bythos carried her out of the sea. It is said the two were set amongst the stars as the constellation Pisces.


It is no surprise that Pisceans are happiest when they are close to water, preferably the ocean. They will often enjoy water activities such as swimming, surfing or sailing. If not, they will enjoy relaxing next to the sea, either with company or alone. Those born in the Pisces horoscope dates are more than happy with their own company.


Their ruling planet Neptune defines the Pisces meaning, bringing musical and artistic flair to the fore. This creative aspect is linked to the generous and compassionate nature of Pisces. Individuals born in the Pisces zodiac cycle have an intuition for life and understand the importance of being faithful and loyal in relationships with others.


They are naturally caring and empathetic, but their selflessness can sometimes lead to martyrdom. The Pisces characteristic of tolerance knows no bounds. They will never judge and will try to use the wisdom derived from Uranus’ influence to help others in any way they can.



Pisces Love Compatibility


Pisces are extremely romantic and loyal in a relationship – but which signs are best suited to be on the receiving end of this unconditional generosity? Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn are considered the most compatible with Pisces, while Gemini and Sagittarius are thought to be the least suitable. However, there are always exceptions and closer analysis is needed to discover the true compatibility of any two people - whatever their signs.


Astrology goes beyond these simple generalisations and factors other than just star signs need to be taken into account. The position of other planets and exact Pisces dates of birth can also have a strong influence on personalities. Only by looking at all the Pisces facts can we build a true picture of compatibility.


Those that do enter into a relationship with Pisces will find their partners to be passionate and intimate. They will feel cared for on every level and experience a feeling of trust and loyalty. Individuals born within the Pisces dates possess a deeply spiritual nature and are very sensitive. They will have no problem opening their heart to you, and others, and will expect sensitivity in return. This makes them vulnerable, but they will trust you not to take advantage of them.


Sometimes dreamy and often appearing detached from reality, Pisces are very intuitive and take in more information than most people realise. Those born under other signs who find these Pisces facts appealing might find their perfect match amongst the Piscean population.


In conclusion, it should be said that people born within the Pisces horoscope dates are poetic, artistic and creative; intuitive, open-minded and tolerant; and they are kind and gentle in their manner. If you need empathy, a shoulder to cry on, or a moment to feel there is more to life than just the daily grind, Pisces will be right there for you.


Published: 5 March 2019

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