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Reach Your Peak At The Solstice


The Solstice occurs on June 21st. This is the point when the sun ‘stands still’ at its height in the heavens and the powers of light and warmth are at their strongest. How can you also reach your personal best at the Solstice?


In the following we look at:
  • Being active
  • Giving thanks
  • Worshipping the Sun


Everything is vibrant around the Solstice, with light continuing long into the evenings. Use this to get active and feel energised.
  • Take as many walks as you can, enjoying the warmer air and the wonderful sense of possibilities given by the season
  • Fresh local fruit and produce is now becoming available. Alter your diet and eat as much of this as you can
  • Go to community events and fetes – summer is a great time to make new friends and create bonds with those who live close to you
  • Take up outdoor pursuits such as gardening or cycling
  • Explore your local area. There is probably a rich source of history and myth just waiting undiscovered, close to your door


In times gone by people thought it was important to say thanks to the Sun and the Earth for all the goodies that keep us alive and bring us pleasure and sustenance. Modern pagans have the same attitude, taking time to honour the Sun by lighting candles and remembering blessings. It’s well known that by being thankful we can attract more of the same into our lives, because gratitude creates positive energies.
Show your thankfulness by giving something to the Earth – this could be planting seeds, tending local wildlife or similar. Think of all the gifts you have and let your heart grow warm as you reflect on them. Then think of all that you would like to have by next Midsummer. Carve your wishes on a large, gold candle and burn it, over the week of the Solstice. As the flame flares, imagine clearly how you will feel this time next year when your wishes have come true.


The sun as been worshipped as supreme god or goddess by many cultures throughout history. These days we are no so apt to see the natural world as divine, but without the sun there would be no life on earth. Regarding the sun as a deity may not seem logical to some people. However, once you begin to look at nature with reverence you can feel inspired and empowered.
In order to bring out your own personal best, call on the divinity of your choice, to bring you that extra luck.
  • AMATERASU – she is the Japanese Sun Goddess. Her name means ‘Great Deity Illuminating Heaven’. Kites were one of the articles sacred to her. Write your highest ambition on a scrap of paper, tie it to a kite and fly it high, asking Amaterasu for her blessing.
  • APOLLO – he was the Greek god of the Sun, and also of poetry, medicine, light, truth and music. What do you really want to achieve? Turn it into a little verse and sing it to the Sun – you could use something simple such as Three Blind Mice or the melody of a pop song. In the morning open your window, face the dawn and sing out your wishes!
  • GRAINNE – ancient Irish Sun-goddess, she slept with her lover under rocky outcrops and standing stones, when they were being pursued by her ex husband. Among other meanings this story may suggest the movement of the sun through the sky, as the weather and seasons change. At the Solstice build your own cavern of small stones you have found on summer walks.  Name each stone for something, large or small, you want to accomplish and light a golden candle near, or within your cavern. Ask the Goddess to bring you the gold of success.
  • RA – to the Egyptians the Sun God Ra was supreme creator of the world. His most powerful weapon was his all-seeing eye, the disk of the Sun itself. Ask Ra to show you the way to your desires, with his all-seeing power. Obtain a piece of amber, or amber jewellery, visualise your desires and gaze into the amber. If you open your heart to the power of the Sun, you will find guidance. Carry the amber with you whenever you are trying to achieve



In the above we have looked at being active, giving thanks and worshipping the powers of Light as symbolised by the Sun. All of these can energise and hearten you, making your troubles seem much more manageable and distant. For those times in life when you need more, help is always at hand. Our inspiring Readers are there, with uplifting messages and wise advice, so for the ultimate Solstice boost put in a call and let the sun shine in!


PUBLISHED: 19 June 2017

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