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Your Signs For the Month Ahead - November


Do you want to get the most out of life?  Our horoscope predictions enable you to be positive, with simple and constructive tips for your November horoscope sign.  Read on, for our quickie heads-up.


This month can strengthen and empower you.
Watching your back is a basic instinct and this month it’s justified – something or someone is creeping up from left field!  Should you be afraid?  Absolutely not!  You’re on the case and you’ll turn this to your advantage, as long as you keep a constructive attitude. Forget reproach and revenge, think responsibility and regeneration.
AVOID shooting yourself in the foot by seeing bad everywhere
FOCUS ON consolidating your power
This month is good for friends and feeling ‘part of it’.
The responsibilities and serious attitude, brought by Saturn in your sign, are lightened mid-month.  This comes through cheer-me-up friends and entertainment that lifts you out of yourself. Taking a step back makes you realise you are getting somewhere, and time out is time spent productively.
AVOID measuring everything by ‘tangible’ results – you could de-value what’s precious 
FOCUS ON going out more – you should, you know!
Pluto has been in your sign for six years and you’re getting used to the changes, which may be dramatic, but could also mean deep shifts in attitude.  Around mid-month something clicks into place and you start to see what it’s all about.  Hold onto this perspective, and your dreams, for Pluto also brings the hidden ‘gold’ of fulfillment.
AVOID trying too hard to be in control
FOCUS ON one ambition, one step towards it.
You’re not a great one for the nine-to-five, and now you must heed the call to adventure.  Expand your ideas, your boundaries, your plans.  You will have opportunities to travel, so take them, even if they are seemingly low-key.  If you try to suppress your need for variety the rebel in you could take over – is that what you want? 
AVOID flitting from idea to idea – what’s right will flow
FOCUS ON spirituality.  It’s not about laws, it’s a feeling, so explore yours.
You’re used to people telling you their secrets, but some may now be burdensome.  You may feel a conflict of responsibility.  Remember your first duty is to you and yours – do not take on too much and don’t let misplaced loyalty keep you from seeking advice.  The last week of the month brings a sensible message.  Go to the top of the class for your wisdom and healing ability!
AVOID blaming yourself.  It’s not your fault – end of. 
FOCUS ON what your intuition tells you about a person or situation. 
Relationships are your main focus, especially after the first week of the month.  You’ll be very aware of getting what you want, and avoiding what you don’t want.  Being straight is good, because clarity is essential, but try also to put yourself in your partner’s shoes, if you have one.  If you don’t, forget ticking the boxes and experiment!
AVOID being too demanding and over-assertive.  It’s all in the way you come over, so be gentle.
FOCUS ON putting your feelings into words – this will come easiest around 25th.
Red-tape can be frustrating and although you like the security of routine, restrictions will be a pain.  Don’t lose your rag.  Concentrate on achieving one thing at a time.  You’ll be most satisfied if you use your creative talents and/or bring peace and harmony into a work situation.  This will be great for your well-being, too!
AVOID self-indulgence.  It won’t make you feel better if you comfort eat, or similar.
FOCUS ON fitness in your daily schedule.  It will help you emotionally as well as physically.
It feels like the brakes are off and you’re lighter, freer, more energetic.  Follow your heart and don’t be too fixated on results.  Everything you do should now be about your own satisfaction – this isn’t selfishness, it’s self-fulfilment.  What do you enjoy?  Check out films, theatre, sports, anything playful.  Practice not taking life seriously.
AVOID being fickle. Letting people down isn’t the same as being a free spirit.
FOCUS ON liberating your inner child and seeing the world through their eyes.
Home is always very important to you and during the dark days of November you can be dynamic about creating an atmosphere of welcome and warmth.  Family disputes can be settled, as long as you aren’t too forceful about this.  Not everyone values your definition of closeness, so compromise and get some of what you want. 
AVOID throwing out things you value.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a sort out, but don’t be too radical!
FOCUS ON a little self-analysis, so you understand your motives. 
A lively month lies ahead.  This will be exciting, but you may feel a bit fazed by the views of others, that may surprise you.  Give yourself time to process what lands in your in-box.  Something you’ve been wondering about for a while will now be clearer, but there’s no need to rush to act on the information. 
AVOID arguments.  Opposition to your views isn’t an attack on you, so don’t act as if it is.
FOCUS ON keeping in touch with people who can help you.
Finances are key now, so be creative and resourceful about earning extra.  There is more to life than doing all the usual stuff.  Don’t let your perfectionist instincts get in the way of a little experimentation.  How can you discover your true abilities if you don’t have the courage to fail – like every successful person has, many times?
AVOID unwise purchases.  Do not buy or invest on impulse.
FOCUS ON researching money-making businesses and ideas.
On the one hand something within shouts ‘What about me?’ while on the other your usual desire to charm and placate is full on.  Your fulfillment this month depends on harmonising these impulses.  It’s not as hard as you think, because your way of being self-centred has a charm of its own, so relax!
AVOID getting into pointless rows, which could happen if you suppress your wishes
FOCUS ON liking yourself – loving yourself, even.  What’s not to adore?
You have just checked our Horoscope November and the snappy predictions to help you – and also those close to you – get the most out of the month.  Of course the astrology of your birth sign can only ever be a general sketch, and your November monthly horoscope is a small part of the total picture.  More detailed and exact advice is readily available to you, however.  Get free Horoscope Predictions and Psychic insight at TheCircle.  If you want to know more about yourself and your year ahead, call one of our expert Readers at TheCircle without delay.
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