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New Year’s Dreams For 2017

As the old year dies and the New Year is born, most of us dream of a fresh start in some form. This New Year’s Eve the stars give us some special help. The conjunction of dynamic Mars with mystical Neptune means we can conjure up some true enchantment, if we focus our efforts in the right place.
Read on for your sign’s tips on making dreams come true in 2017.



You’re going to have to be very honest with yourself about what you truly want, because for you the focus is on what you may have repressed, lost or given up on. Think about childhood longings, about ways you went astray, about those things you’ve told yourself it’s wrong to want. The door is ajar to put some of that right now– don’t be afraid to explore the unexplored. A TOUCH OF MAGIC arrives through helping others and finding an undiscovered side to yourself.


Your friends hold the key to a greater enjoyment of life. If you are bored with your social scene and find kindred spirits thin on the ground, this year all that can change. Be open to joining new groups or clubs, or simply hanging around with different people. Do not judge anyone before you have tuned in to what makes them tick. Wishes come true in unexpected situations. A TOUCH OF MAGIC comes through a charity or community venture, so get stuck in and smile!


Although you’re a free spirit, you do care what people think if you respect them and agree with them. Now you have the chance to gain some of the applause and admiration that you dream about. If you do something well, show off.  If people say you do something well – even if you don’t believe them – do more of it. Aim high in your career, or start a new job. As long as you’re practical and build on what’s solid, you’ll shine. A TOUCH OF MAGIC is offered in an exciting opportunity or suggestion. Don’t miss it!


Although you’re a great one for home and family, there’s a gypsy in your soul and you love to have your imagination stimulated. Your longings for exotic foreign places with a story-book ring to them (think Samarkand, Ulan Bator, or maybe just the Parisian Left Bank) can now be requited, so ask yourself where you really want to go. Never be a tourist – go with the intention of experiencing the deeper essence of a place, and let it change your outlook. A TOUCH OF MAGIC is felt in a spiritual experience that puts a shine on everything.


There are mysteries you’ve been wanting to explore, subjects you want to study, an intensity of experience that you believe will make you feel more alive – all of this is on its way. However, be careful what you wish for, because you could find yourself in a period of change, where your old values become meaningless. This can be an exciting time – you can go down the rabbit-hole if you want, and why not? What are you going to do with your wild and precious life? Find out! A TOUCH OF MAGIC can come with an inheritance or windfall, giving you wider choices.


Relationships are key, and you yearn for a soul-mate to bring a sense of wonderment. Realise that you may have been looking in the wrong places – love could arrive when you least expect it or in a shape that you could hardly have imagined. Let go of your assumptions and follow your heart. Love has its own laws and you must surrender to them if you want it’s greatest blessings. These can be yours, so don’t analyse or criticize – just trust. A TOUCH OF MAGIC reaches within you when your eyes meet across the room. Don’t be shy.


You love to feel and look your best, but it isn’t always easy to find a diet that works or an exercise regime that suits you. However, this should now fall into place and you can have the figure you’ve always wanted as well as being fit and energetic. All you have to do is keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities and suggestions, and you’ll be guided. As for willpower – forget it. Keep your imagination focused, and you’ll find that the result materializes – hey! Presto! A TOUCH OF MAGIC comes when you get organized and find you achieve more than you dreamed.


Although you’re a private person you have considerable creativity which you like to have acknowledged. Good news – you can now strut your stuff and enjoy the applause. Exploit any talents that you have and make sure they get noticed. It’s likely that someone significant will be impressed or that your abilities will lead on to more opportunities for fulfillment. Glamour and romance really are around the corner – all it takes is a little courage. A TOUCH OF MAGIC comes through a child, or through the promptings of your own inner child – listen up!


You love your freedom, but family still matter to you, and your home is a haven where you can be yourself. This can become even more gratifying. Your dream house can now be available, or your home circumstances change so they really offer you happiness. There may be an addition to the family bringing joy, or DIY could transform your interior. Where, and how do you want to live? Create the scene in your mind and the Cosmos will provide. A TOUCH OF MAGIC comes through a link with the past that enriches you.


Knowledge is power – you are very aware of this and any wish to expand your education or acquire new skills will go sooo smoothly now. Stop feeling doubtful, or inferior! You are as able as anyone else and much better than many. An opening to go on a course or commit to training will arrive and you should grab it with both hands. Long to see yourself as a respected authority on some subject, or to have letters after your name? This, and more is within reach. A TOUCH OF MAGIC drops into your inbox in a significant message – intriguing!


You’re far from being materialistic but money is energy and if you want to make things better for yourself and others, it’s a great blessing. Ask yourself exactly how much money you need to make significant changes in your life, or the lives of those you love. Don’t underestimate or tell yourself you’re being greedy – imagine having the funds, using them well and being grateful for them. Opportunities to earn or win considerable amounts are on the horizon. A TOUCH OF MAGIC comes with an extra-special gift, that could be worth more than you think.


Your hopes and dreams are what keep you afloat in a world that your sensitive nature can find overwhelming. The good news is that almost any dream you’ve nurtured can now become real, as long as you focus. This magical conjunction of planets is in your sign, meaning you can make life what you want it to be. Be clear about what makes you happy and don’t give your power away, or put the needs of others before your own. Make three clear wishes, exactly describing what you want and repeat this each night before sleeping. Watch this space! A TOUCH OF MAGIC arrives with intuitive flashes, so heed them.



Astrology can give pointers, but it can still be a struggle making the best of things as the New year gets underway.  Luckily our supportive Readers are always just a call away, to encourage and uplift you, so don’t hesitate to get in contact.


Published: 03 January 2017

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