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What our Moon signs say about our emotions and desires

Everyone has a Moon Sign as well as a Sun Sign. We all know our sun sign and casually describe ourselves as a Gemini, a Pisces or a Virgo without thinking twice about it. The Sun Sign is in many ways our inner self, the way we think about ourselves and take it as being part of our identities. However, there is another side to us, one that expresses our emotions, moods, desires and needs.


This aspect is shown by our Moon Sign. Since the moon changes sign every two and a half days and does a complete circuit of the zodiac in just under a month, we can’t easily assign dates to its start and finish like we can with the more familiar sun signs.


If you don’t know what your Moon Sign is or what it means for you, just phone one of our experiencd astrologers at TheCircle and they will be happy to enlighten you. You will need the date, time and place of your birth. Call now on 0800 067 6768 and find out more about your emotions and desires.


The Moon in Aries
Having the Moon in the fiery Aries makes a person competitive and probably quick to jump to conclusions. This, of course could be a problem in developing relationships because there is an inner need to prove oneself right, even when you really know that you’re in the wrong. This moon position is very dominant, so someone with an Aries Moon always wants to call the shots.


The Moon in Taurus
Traditionally speaking this is considered to be an excellent moon placement. The moon is described as being exalted in the sign of Taurus. Stable, reliable and full of common sense, the lunar Taurus type will always get the job done. By nature you are a rule maker. In other words you will make the rules and expect everyone else to abide by them, without exception or question. All is well as long as other people see things the way a lunar Taurean does.


The Moon in Gemini
Lunar Geminis are blessed with quick wits and a keen sense of humour but might be a little too fickle and changeable for comfort. You will take your time about getting into a serious relationship because you will have so many options throughout your life. You will tend to be logical but will have difficulty with other people’s irrational feelings and reactions. Lunar Geminis may be a little madcap, but they like others to be calm and reasonable.


The Moon in Cancer
The sign of Cancer the Crab is ruled by the Moon, so it is especially powerful here, being described as dignified. All the best lunar characteristics are revealed in this sign. You have a kind heart and an extremely sensitive nature. You will do all you can for those in need and are a sympathetic listener. However, you hate being crossed in anything, especially love and can become sarcastic. That aside, you are very protective and family holds first place for you.


The Moon in Leo
Lunar Leos want the best things in life. You need tasteful or indeed, opulent surroundings and have a keen personal fashion sense. You are loving, caring and responsible within a relationship but watch out for a tendency to always want something better otherwise you will alienate your partner. If a lunar Leo can learn to express gratitude once in a while then a life of opulent luxury and emotional tenderness is before you.


The Moon in Virgo
The nervy, perfectionist side of Virgo is to the fore when the Moon is resident there. There is a tendency to be shy and retiring and to set impossibly high standards for yourself, and indeed for those around you. Self-criticism is the main fault with the moon here. If you can manage to give yourself some credit then you will make both your life and the lives of those around you much easier. The medical profession attracts many with the Moon in this sign.


The Moon in Libra
The lunar Libran is sociable, refined and perhaps a little too sensitive to other people’s opinions. You will need a stable relationship to function well and will probably hate to do anything alone. A great lover of company this could possibly hold you back unless you manage to develop a little more independence. Possibly dreamy and unrealistic, the lunar Libran is nevertheless a delightful companion.


The Moon in Scorpio
Those with the Moon in Scorpio have got a lot to cope with. The lunar influence is very intense and can lead to extreme highs and lows in the moods. You will need to be admired and require constant reassurance both in your emotional and working life. You will be possessive of those you love and quite prone to jealousy. On the other hand, this is quite an intuitive or psychic placement for the moon.


The Moon in Sagittarius
You have a personality that loves freedom and that enables you to enjoy life to the full. Your mind and heart is open to all sorts of wonders. Many psychics have the moon in this sign. You tend to hide your sensitivities and other people will not realise that you are more vulnerable than you seem. The moon in Sagittarius promotes emotional restlessness, which tends to indicate a meaningful relationship later in life.



The Moon in Capricorn

The Moon is traditionally said to be in detriment in Capricorn, indicating a shy, reserved and cautious personality. You may find it hard to project warmth easily so on first impression may seem a little emotionless. Only knowing someone for awhile, can you gain the understanding and sympathy that you require. This does not mean that you will not find a meaningful relationship. On the contrary, it means that you won’t make the mistakes in love that others easily fall into.




The Moon in Aquarius

An Aquarian Moon promotes curiosity but may also be quite cool. You need to know about other people, and your intellect and emotions are very closely linked. You won’t be able to abide boring people and might be too abrupt in expressing your opinions. It is easy for you to make friends, although allowing anyone to get too close may be a challenge for you.




The Moon in Pisces

In the sensitive sign of Pisces, the Moon stirs up the emotions and gives great depth. This is a very intuitive placement which is common in a lot of psychics. You need to be surrounded by those who will give emotional sustenance. If you find yourself in the company of those who are too materialistic or harsh, then unhappiness will follow. You are very loving and receptive, taking everything in and often receiving mixed messages.


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