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Mercury Retrograde In Taurus April 2017

Mercury is the planet of communication, movement, travel and understanding. He doesn’t function freely in earthy Taurus at the best of times, and when he goes retrograde (i.e. backwards)* you can expect delays and obstacles. Forewarned is forearmed! Check our handy guide to see what you need to tie up before the go-slow begins on April 10th.



Financial dealings could be delayed. You may find you’ve gone up a blind alley, that money can’t, for some reason, be accessed, or that someone who owes you does not pay out. Be patient. Your funds should be basically safe. However, if you need to move money around, sort out loans and investments or secure big purchases, do this before April 10th.
MAKE IT WORK by having a good, practical think about your assets. Once Mercury goes forwards again, on May 4th, you’ll be ready to act.


Why is it you can’t get your head clear, or even walk in a straight line? Blame it on the distracting influence of Mercury. Just when you think you’re going to catch up with some little jobs or get something important sorted once and for all, you’re thwarted. If you feel as if there’s some cosmic trip-wire in your path, you’re right. Luckily you have plenty of staying power!
MAKE IT WORK by taking things slowly and never assuming you’re correct. Even when you think you know the facts, you may not know them all, so keep open-minded.


Sometimes you aren’t sure what’s come over you. The wrong words seem to pop out, and even though you’re trying to be correct, you may upset others or let yourself down. But is there some truth in these ‘Freudian slips’? Maybe something’s going on in your subconscious that needs to be heeded.
MAKE IT WORK by keeping a bit quieter, reflecting, meditating and being honest with yourself. Are you repressing feelings that need to be dealt with? Let Mercury lead you inwards.


Your friendship group is important to you – in fact they may be more like an extended family. When misunderstandings arise, social arrangements are bungled or transport problems interfere with outings it can be upsetting. But it’s no-one’s fault – certainly not yours.
MAKE IT WORK by keeping things simple. Shelve complex plans for gigs and restaurants and stick with gatherings at home or down the pub. Relax and have a laugh!


Fired up with projects and ambitions for your career? Best slow down. Overhaul your CV, review those opportunities and brace yourself for delayed responses, emails that go astray and misunderstandings about what jobs entail. Frustrating though this may be, it’s all part of a process.
MAKE IT WORK by examining your abilities, your available time and other factors like transport. If you can’t move forwards, look around you. This is your chance to trouble-shoot.


You have adventure on your mind – something exciting and mentally stimulating. However, if you book a holiday all might not go smoothly. Check your destination, because it might not be quite what it claims to be. If you’re actually travelling long distances, be prepared for delays and confusion.
MAKE IT WORK by checking tickets, passports and documents meticulously. Have back-up plans to make cancellations and delays more bearable.  Keep your sense of humour!


You’re a tolerant person but when other people let you down over contracts and financial commitments it makes you wonder whom you can believe. It’s not your style to be paranoid, but for a while a healthy skepticism will be the best attitude to protect the assets that matter to you.
MAKE IT WORK by asking yourself some penetrating questions about trust and values. Are your expectations sensible? This isn’t about becoming negative and suspicious, just about developing healthy realism.




If you’re hoping to reach an understanding with a colleague, partner or close friend, you may have an uphill struggle. Differences may seem irreconcilable, or you just might not understand. Don’t bang on and on or you could make it worse.
MAKE IT WORK by stepping back, letting the dust settle and giving yourself and the other party time to think. What’s the psychology of the situation? To understand is to forgive.




Routine jobs bore the pants off you, and when you hit snags and silly complications you may feel like exploding. Being calm will be much better for your wellbeing, however. You need to let things develop at their own pace, and chill.
MAKE IT WORK by concentrating on the details you can change. These include your health and fitness. Make positive dietary choices and get in the habit of being mindful – then you’ll be frustration-proof!


So many brilliant ideas – you’re feeling quite inspired but just when you think a project is working out beautifully it stalls. It may be your ideas run dry, equipment is unavailable or events and people obstruct you.  But don’t let go of that vision.
MAKE IT WORK by fleshing out details, re-thinking and refining.  The finished article may be even better with this delay. Do not let pessimism destroy your potential. Treat this as a test and persevere.




You love to be friends with everyone and naturally that includes your family. So why does everyone seem to be taking what you say the wrong way? Every time you open your mouth you’re digging a bigger hole. What are you missing?
MAKE IT WORK by not trying to justify yourself or psycho-analysing others. People may not want theories and remedies – they may just want kindness. Be there for those you love with a smile and cuppa. Stop problem-solving, start cuddling.




Accuracy over details isn’t always your strong point and now more than ever you need to check the small print. Plan journeys carefully and don’t jump to any conclusions. Things may, in fact, be simpler than at first appears.
MAKE IT WORK by clearing your head and stepping back. Stop over-thinking and don’t multi-task, even on the simplest of jobs. You may end up knowing more about less, but you’ll be on firm ground.





We’ve looked at the issues that your sign is likely to face with Mercury retrograde, and some hints about how to cope with these. If you’re struggling with life in any way, there’s plenty of help available for you that goes much deeper and is more personal. Just contact one of our insightful and supportive Readers for the wisdom and consolation you need, and feel so much better.

PUBLISHED: 06 April 2017
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